Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign~ “Signs”

Hi everyone!  Today’s weekly photo challenge is “Foreign”.  One of the dictionary’s definitions is: unfamiliar or strange.  That just about describes my post perfectly.
As you know, we returned from beautiful Italy ten days ago, and we had a wonderful time.  I must say…every Italian we met was extremely helpful and kind, they did not make us feel foreign.

We rented a car to drive the autostrada through Tuscany….from Florence to Rome, with visits in San Gimignano, Siena and Assisi along the way.  This was where we had a deep feeling of being foreign!  We were definitely in unfamiliar territory with some strange highway signs.  But we had no trouble arriving at each of our destinations.

The Italians, like other countries, are making more universal signs, appealing to visitors and natives alike.  However, when traveling 70-80 km in the rain….the signs seem to appear out of nowhere and fly past you in a nano-second!   The signs also have many towns listed with arrows going in opposite directions!  The conversation in our car: “Did you see Assisi on that sign?”  “No, did you?”  

I started taking photos of the signs so I could refer to it after we’d passed them by!  I apologize for blurriness…as the rain and speed didn’t help!
I love to take photos of road signs in other countries, anyway…here’s my example of FOREIGN.  Enjoy!

We start out easy.  Lots of towns listed here.  All are going in the same direction.  Universal signs at the bottom.  Piece of cake.

A little trickier.  At first sight it can confuse you. Some universal signage combined with foreign words.  Tutte means “ALL”, so everyone needs to veer in the left direction for Parking.  It’s not good to go straight. 😉

EEEEK!   I couldn’t get my camera to snap fast enough!  Some universal signage and several towns…but going in different directions.  If you were driving in the rain..as we were…this was definitely a whopper!  I still can’t figure out the middle two triangles…but we made it to Assisi just fine!  We saw beautiful countryside all along the way…even in the rain!

I recommend the drive to anyone.  (but avoid the cities!) 😉


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign~ “Signs”

  1. I’m SO eager to get to see Italy!!!! I might be lucky this December, as we’re going to Europe, and at this point in time we are planning a drive through Northern Italy. I can’t wait! Thanks for the pre-view! 🙂

    • Woot woot woot! yay! I’m so excited for you! I’ve never been there…but I’ve flown over northern Italy and with the Alps and the green green mossy hills….Milan and all…it looks just incredible. You are lucky, girl! And I can’t wait to see your photos!

    • Thanks Meg! I remember that you like them too! 🙂 I took a few sign photos on my first trips to Europe. But this time I took a lot more. I just love details….the streets and paths we walk on, close-ups of the cathedral’s marble exterior, column bases, etc. In fact, when you were posting your Italy photos, it reminded me that I wanted to capture more signage this time. So thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I like to see photos of signs. I like those two triangles you mention. I would guess that the one with the two opposite arrows means traffic in both direction, like a two-lane road.

    • Is that a GPS? Oh I’ll bet it’s a satellite navigation tool! We did use the map/navigation portion app on our smart phones from time to time. I was very proud of my husband. He actually stopped at a gas station to ask directions! 😉

    • Thank you, Bindu! As always, good to see you! I’ve been sick, then had a houseful of family visiting. Hoping to make the rounds of my blog friends once this week is done. (it’s our church Bazaar week and I’m in charge of the craft room!)
      I hope all is well with you and your family. I think often of you and your work teaching young women.

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