My First Attempt with Textures!

I’ve been interested in trying textures with a few photos for some time now.  I’ve been inspired by my blogger friend, Jocelyne.  She creates lovely textured photographs, vignette’s, and still life images.  She also takes the most beautiful photos of flowers and gardens. Check out Jocelyne’s blog here.

I finally did a free texture tutorial with Kim Klassen online.  Then I tried her lesson in Photoshop Elements 9.

It didn’t work for me at first.  I don’t think I was importing the texture “image” correctly.  So I tried three more times.  And the last time it worked!  So tonight I’m sharing my very first attempt at adding a texture to my original photo with all of you!

I love vintage things….and vintage photos are at the top of my list.

If you are interested in learning about adding and blending textures with your photos,  click here for Kim Klassen’s free “Textures in Ten” Tutorial (ten minutes).   Kim is an upbeat person who does a great job explaining each step in two short videos.  She also includes two textures to download and try.

The original photo:


The photo with texture added:

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22 thoughts on “My First Attempt with Textures!

  1. A good attempt with textures. I used to do a lot of texture work but don’t have the time now. If you are a member of Flickr A good source for free textures is the Flickr group Textures for Layers, all of them are Creative Commons. You can also get amazing textures from a website called Skeletal Mess. Jerry also does some great tutorials on how to use textures. If you visit check out his artwork using textures, fantastic stuff. In each case all they ask is that you attribute them as the provider of any textures you use in your post.
    I can also send you a link, if you want it, to all of the textures I have created. They’re all CC as well


    • Wow, Mike~you are amazing. Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions! I’m a member of Flickr…so I’ll check that out. I love the sound of Jerry’s site: Skeletal Mess! I’ll surely look into his tutorials and artwork~ and I’d love to see yours too! I appreciate all your help!

  2. You tried it, Yay !! 🙂
    I’m so glad you didn’t give up after your third attempt, see how beautiful it turned out ? 🙂 It gave your photo a beautiful blurr and an artistic feel to it. Now that you learned it, experiment by changing the blending mode, or adding another texture on top of it, or playing with the opacity and brushes. It’s endless and so creative ! Did Kim explained how to use brushes in her tutorial ? Did you sign up to her list to receive free textures by e-mail ? If you would like to know addresses of websites where to purchase textures, just let me know, I have many of them and they also have many more tutorials.
    And thank you for such a lovely description of my blog and photos and for providing the link.
    I’m so glad I could inspire you and I’m so glad you tried Kim’s tutorials !
    I hope you continue with textures and share your photos here !

    • Jocelyne….you have been a HUGE inspiration to me! I’ve always loved vintage things, like you. Oh..I would never quit! This was too important to me!! It felt just like Christmas to be able to play with textures and make a vintage-y photo! I was looking at your side bar for some of the names/blogs you’ve mentioned to me, as I would like to try them also. Yes, I get Kim’s free textures once a week. I’ve received her emails for months now and never opened an one until last night! 😉
      I’m still having doubts about how/where to “file” the textures. What happened last night: the texture would open right on top of my photo. I wasn’t able to start with it in the project box and drag it on top of the photo. I’m still not sure how to do that. Yes…Kim explained how to do brushes..just a short intro to it. And opacity, which I used. But I want to learn so much more. I couldn’t wait for you to see it! Thanks so much mon cher ami!

      • Hi Judy
        I don’t know how to drag photos or textures in the box, I’ll have to find a tutorial on that. When the texture opens I just do “Select all” “Edit copy” , click on my photo and then “Edit paste”. For the blogs you were looking for on my sidebar, you won’t find them there. Would you like me to send you an e-mail with the links of those websites ? I just bought a batch of new textures from Chasing Dreams and I really love them !

      • Sure…that would be great. I think you gave me a couple in a reply on here…but they’ve disappeared into Word Press comments! I’d love it if you would. And I can find Free Tutorials on using textures with a Mac, I’m sure. Plus, I can always Google and get answers too. Thanks, friend!

  3. Love the Vintage effect. It made the already wonderful original image even more beautiful and fascinating. Truly a work of Art. Good job my friend. Me, I just use my iPhone’s camera plus…I’ve yet to be more adventurous in finding more textures. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You are so very kind, IT. I will work on the photos a lot more. Kim Klassen has a sign up for free textures every Tuesday I think. So that’s cool. You can also buy textures, but I will just use the freebies for now! You do amazing things with your phone! Impressive!

    • zelmare….you take lovely photos! I’ve even told you that! Your compositions, the way you frame a photo, your choice of subjects and angles…you have a natural talent! You’ve moved beyond LEARNING how to take “proper pictures”! You know how to do it very well!
      That was my first time with textures, so I’m not sure…but a texture might be able to turn a “so-so” photo into a cool, old looking photo! (just my thinking!) And I certainly have many so-so photos!

    • Thanks Tess! It was my first attempt and I’ve done a couple others. I need to keep practicing! It’s really fun to do! I’m a lover of vintage anything: tablecloths, fabrics, furniture, quilts, wood, postcards….and textures reminds me of vintage stuff. 😉

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