Gardening for the Soul

My daughter, Kara, has a lovely garden.  It’s just steps from her door, and it brings abundant color to her living room.  She’s a great gardener, tending her plants with the care of a “flower mother”!  Her garden is a riot of color: blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, white,
and pink.

Gardeners know how good it feels to dig in the dirt and watch their plants grow.
It surely feeds our inner being, our soul.  It’s a connection to the earth and life.

This year Kara’s garden is extraordinary because she dedicated it to the memory of our close friend, who passed away in May.  She told me she wanted to have a beautiful garden because our friend was such a beautiful person inside and out, and always doing things for others.  I think our friend, who was a fantastic gardener herself, is watching over Kara’s garden and smiling. 😉

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.”  ~Linda Solegato

Kara’s Garden~

~Zinnias, Salvia, Petunias~

~Impatiens, Salvia~

~pretty orange flower~

~pink daisy-like flower~

“When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it.  If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.”
~Author Unknown

~daisy-like flower bud, unfolding~

~purple daisy opening~

~Kara’s Garden….a burst of color from containers!~

Kara’s Garden is not situated on a large piece of land.  She and her husband have a condo and the garden is on the deck!  The deck has benches, so flower boxes fill the benches, railings and the floor below the benches.  She even has a corner with an Herb Garden.  Two “upside down” bagged tomato plants hang from the upper deck, loaded with large green tomatoes!  Those tomato plants are about 6′ tall!
An entire garden in containers!

Do you like to garden?  Do you use containers?

Thanks for visiting.  Please excuse the construction on my new theme!  I’m still playing with the features! 😉


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23 thoughts on “Gardening for the Soul

    • Thank you, Meg! I love Kara’s garden…so bright and cheery! Thanks for mentioning my new theme! You’re the first one! I’m still working with it…it seems odd to have so much space on the sides. Thanks, dear friend!

  1. How very beautiful! I love to garden, although I’m not very successful at it…I’ll keep at it though, for the feeling of well-being it brings. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. 🙂

  2. Kara’s garden is filled with flowers that are bursting with beautiful and vibrant colors. She has a gift. Perhaps a plant/flower whisperer? Or just have a green thumb where everything she plants flourish and grow in the most wonderful way. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much IT… always say the nicest things! I’ll pass these lovely words to Kara! I know they’ll brighten her day, as they did mine! Thanks again, my friend!

  3. Lovely images and post judy. The colours are superb.
    My “better half”, Doreen is the gardner in our house. She enjoys the relaxation of potting on and looking after the plants and flowers, while I get the “good” jobs like digging and weeding.
    Most of our plants and flowers are started, in early spring, in the greenhouse and then planted outside when the weather is warmer. We only tend to grow tomatoes in pots, inside the greenhouse. Superb flavour from home grown tomatoes.
    Your new theme is great.

    • Thank you, Jim…so nice of you to notice! I’m still learning all the features the theme offers! Ahhh, home grown tomatoes are our favorites too. I love them warm from the sun… right from the plant! Because we were traveling a bit this summer, we decided to not have tomatoes. But lo and behold, we discovered a “volunteer” that sprang up from last year’s tomatoes that fell off the plant. It’s producing some wonderful grape (cherry sized) tomatoes now and we are certainly fond of this volunteer! I wish I had a green house. How wonderful! You can get a great start on everything! Our growing season is just from late May through September. Almost too short for melons.

      • Wow! What a fantastic garden and what a wonderful tribute to Connie. I know she would love it. Kara has done an amazing job and your photos capture everything so beautifully. It looks so much larger than just off their deck.

      • Hey Judy! It’s fun to have you visit! Welcome back! That’s just the way I wanted it to appear. (larger) She has done a great job with containers full and overflowing with bright colors, and now they are picking their first large tomatoes from the upside down tomato bags. I want to try those, but where to hang them? 😉 I will pass your lovely compliments on to Kara. Thanks!

  4. A lovely garden Judy, and all in containers, WOW ! She has a great variety of flowers and have paired them so beautifully. Please tell your daughter how beautiful her garden is. Your photos are great Judy, the pink like daisy is my favourite !

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