Capture the Color

A good blogger friend, as well as an excellent photographer and story teller, This Man’s Journey, has nominated me for the challenge of Capture the Color.

I have just a few hours to complete this challenge!  I’m on the RUN!  😉

The “Capture the Color” challenge has been organized by the blog: Travel Supermarket.  Check out their site, it’s cool!

The Capture the Color challenge is to share a photo representing each of these colors:

Capture the Color link, click here.

I’m making it a Color Tour.  Is everyone ready to travel?  Hop aboard and buckle your seat belts!

The first stop we’ll make is WHITE.  


We discovered this white and rather shaggy mountain goat in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA, while hiking the Hidden Lake Trail.
The goat is molting, so that’s why he has a rather unkempt look.  The Hidden Lake Trail begins at Logan Pass and ends
below the rocks the goat is standing on, where you can glimpse a bit of  Hidden Lake.  Glacier National Park is a favorite of ours
as it has a wonderful variety of sights.  Azure lakes, huge white glaciers, waterfalls, great hikes, massive peaks, wildflowers and abundant wildlife.

Next stop: GREEN!


The lush spring GREEN landscape surrounding and complementing Fallingwater is a sight to behold!
Fallingwater was designed by the great Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family of Pennsylvania, USA.
As with all his designs, Wright wanted the building to blend in, and become one with the land.
Touring this building shows how far ahead of his time Wright was.  He implemented many design features
that were new then, and continue to be used today.

All aboard for YELLOW!


The bright YELLOW gold dome shines brightly against the blue sky.  Where are we?  Why, we’re in the City of Light~ Paris!
You are looking through the archway at the l’Eglise du Dome….the church of Les Invalides and the site of Napoleon’s tomb.
This structure was built by Louis XIV between 1671-1676 to shelter old and wounded soldiers.  The church is astoundingly beautiful.
Surrounding the courtyard are museums filled with the artifacts of war: uniforms, guns, swords, flags, and more.  The painted ceiling in
the dome is stunning and a definite must-see!   My daughter and I loved Paris but lost/couldn’t find the Eiffel Tower when we
first arrived!    Click here for the story..

Buckle up!  We’re moving on to RED!


The RED rocks of Zion National Park rise high above us as we hike the Riverside Trail.  We are sheltered by the RED canyon as we walk
alongside the Virgin River.  Zion National Park is located in Utah, USA, an area with many beautiful and unique rock formations.

Our last tour stop is BLUE!


The AZURE BLUE waters of Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada, are calling us to visit.  This lake is one of my
favorites.  Even though there were many people visiting the shores of the BLUE lake, it was quiet and peaceful.
Capturing the red canoe in the middle gives perspective to the size and grandeur of the mountains that surround it.
Come on…dip your toes in!

I really enjoyed having you join me on the Capture the Color tour!  We’ll plan another one soon!
(As the challenge time is nearly over, I don’t think I can name anyone else to do it.  In fact, I may have missed the deadline myself!)


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28 thoughts on “Capture the Color

    • Thank you, Jim! I know you’d love Moraine Lake! And I’d love to see your photos from there! About 10 miles away is the famous Lake Louise, also a beautiful spot in Alberta, Canada. I debated which one to submit! They both have such lovely glacial blue lakes, surrounded by tall peaks.

    • Thank you, adin…I’ll have to check yours out! I was in such a hurry, as I didn’t see Island Traveler’s nomination until late last night! I was scurrying through my photos like a madwoman! I enjoyed it too, once I had clicked “post”! Whew! I wasn’t sure of the entry deadline. Midnight GMT….wasn’t sure if that was 8PM last night or tonight! 😉

    • Thanks Meg! That goat was very friendly. He/she walked amongst the hikers like a pet! I was very surprised! 😉 Me thinks someone has been feeding the goat.

    • Thank you IT! You are so kind. I do love the water of Moraine Lake and also the more famous Lake Louise, ten miles away in Alberta, Canada. The glacial silt makes the water almost Caribbean blue.
      I got a bit confused on the contest’s GMT midnight ending time. So I grabbed those photos pretty fast! 😉 I also thought it was too late to ask anyone else. I hope that was ok. Thank you again for asking me!

  1. A wonderful post Judy ! This challenge is a great idea ! All these photos are very beautiful, my favourite is l’Église Du dome in Paris, what a great photo ! The blue waters of Moraine Lake is incredible. I really love seeing photos of your travels, how wonderful you can travel that much ! I always learn something new when I visit your blog and I love that.
    I see you changed your theme, the photos are bigger :), I like it !

    • Yes…that was my goal…but I don’t think they’re a lot bigger…just a bit. I was mistaken when I first read about the theme and thought they’d be 1024 pixels. It didn’t turn out that way! But I was ready for a change anyway!
      Thank you for all your sweet compliments!

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