Is it the Journey or the Destination?

Which one creates the most anticipation, excitement or pleasure for you?  Which is more important?  Is it the journey or the destination?

I have to admit, when planning a trip, I often tend to focus on the destination.
But many times I’ve been surprised and pleased, with the beauty and inspiration of the  journey.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. ~Earl Nightingale
The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.  Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. ~Don Williams, Jr.

Today I share with you a gallery of photos from one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve ever experienced.
 This journey began at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and took us close to Zion National Park.
For a good portion of the time, we were on Route 89 in Arizona and Utah.
This journey could definitely be a destination!

I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within. ~ Lillian Smith

Thanks for traveling with me on this amazing journey!


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38 thoughts on “Is it the Journey or the Destination?

    • You’re welcome. I often sleep when I’m riding in the car…but during our whole trip out there I was wide awake! I shot photos the whole time through the windows! In fact, many of these are “70 mph photos”, as I call them! 😉 Good thing there were only a few bug splotches! haha….

      • i so hope you come again. I would LOVE to show you around the Phoenix area and meet you up in Sedona or down in Tucson or tombstone or or or so many other places. love your photos Judy! It is the journey that makes us really put the destination in context!

      • So true, Kate, I love the way you put that in words! I hope we do go again too! It would be fun to get together! Such a beautiful part of our country!

  1. Amazing! It must have almost felt like a spiritual journey. To me it’s mostly about the journey, because even the destination is part of the journey. You arrive at the destination, but you are hardly ever stationary, you are constantly moving, exploring, discovering… Well, we are anyway! 🙂 And then at the end of the holiday, you have to travel back, and you can do that on the same road, or take another, route back. So to me it’s journey all the way!! 🙂

    • Very nicely said, Zelmare! I agree! It felt very spiritual and other-worldly. It was fascinating. I loved every turn, every hill….there was something new and fabulous to see!

    • I can’t wait either, B! I really want to go again. It was fascinating to both of us. Such natural beauty….shapes, colors, vistas. Wow! Thanks for commenting!

  2. looks like a lovely journey Judy.
    and lovely quotes too. 🙂
    i also find the journey more interesting than the destination.
    in all of my travels i make sure i keep my eyes open, my camera ready, and mind alert … the sights that pass by are too wonderful to miss.

    • I love the way you said that, Amira. “the sights that pass by are too wonderful to miss”…..lovely words! And so very true. I agree….I never fell asleep on the journeys through this part of the country! My eyes were wide open!

  3. Loving your post – I go back and forth on the journey and destination thing too. I usually focus on the journey when road tripping and focus on the destination if it is a quick hop to a place and back home. Happy Day & Happy Traveling:)

  4. I’ll have to go with the journey because I love getting lost. The Southwest is a great destination though – I love the blues in the Lake Powell photos with that orange background.

    • Tess, I look forward to your comments! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! And thanks for your comment! 😉 I’m glad you went along and had a good time! (PS. We’re going to Italy in October…so start packing!)

  5. Following your slide show made me feel as if I was there to see all the beautiful sights! Lake Powell has the most beautifully colored water… And your question is such a good one. I think both the journey and the destination are exciting!

  6. Inspiring my friend. For me, it’s journey that matters the most. Wouldn’t it be sad if upon reaching the destination, we can not remember how we got there or the memories of joy and meaning of the trip? Like life, we need to savor the journey. We may not have the chance to do it again. Great post.

    • Thank you, IT. I agree….the journey is so important. I’m sorry I missed your challenge this week. I was out of town at my daughter’s. I need to catch up and do it. First I need to find out what it was! 😉 Thanks, as always, for your comment!

  7. These photos are wonderful, beautiful ! When you’re on the highway and the landscape is changing and you start seeing this amazing canyon, you must be so excited and in awe, especially when you see it for the first time ! Having seen so many times images of this wonderful landmark in books and TV, (the first time was when I was very young and watched Road Runner on TV) I would just stand there in awe and would pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming ! I really hope I can go someday, I have to see this with my own eyes.
    All your photos are beautiful, the panoramic ones are stunning !
    As for the journey or the destination, for me it’s both of them. So much happens during the journey, it’s maybe not as exciting as the destination but it’s filled with memorable moments too.

    • I agree, Jocelyne! It can be both of them.. I do hope you see it, as much as I want to go back to Quebec! It’s true, it’s something you need to see with your own eyes. My lens cannot take in the entire vista around me….it’s just so much larger than life!

  8. “Which one creates the most anticipation, excitement or pleasure for you – which is more important? – is it the journey or the destination..?”

    It’s easy to tell – both… 😉

    Both can have the main role… 😉

    • Thank you, so very much my sweet Sandra! Your comment is most appreciated and is just lovely. How nice to have you visit my blog! Please come again, and Blessings upon you, dear one. xo

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