Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


Over time, water merges with rock, eventually eroding the surface and turning it into sand.

Merging together, water and rock become a visual piece of beauty through the eyes of an artist.
The water, in a fluid state, contrasts with the hard surface of the rock, but visually combined they make a pleasing creation. 
Different substances, yet they unite as one image for the photographer and the artist.

The Virgin River meets with the rocky surface of the Zion canyon walls along the Riverside Walk trail.

Thanks for reading my blog!
As you may notice, I’m still sneaking photos of Zion in here. 😉


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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

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  2. The merging of something concrete like rock and something soft like water, a wonder of nature that is both amazing and beautiful. Your post inspires me to face each journey as great adventure. Thanks.

    • oooo Thank you for saying that! I do have more of Zion…and then I’ll start with Bryce Canyon N.P. It IS such an amazing place….an awesome area…agreed!

  3. I love the way the foliage is reflected in the water. The various colors and textures on the mountains are was captured so well, Judy. Fabulous entry …!!!!
    P.S. I had to come to your blog twice in order for the image to show up. The same thing happens on my blog. Any clues as to why that happens? Eventually, it showed but I could imagine other being less patient. Just a thought ….

    • Oh dear, Isadora. Do you mean it had that nasty blue box with a ? question mark in it? Rats. I had hoped that was all over with. That happened to me a lot in the beginning of blogging, as I didn’t know what size to make my images. When I found out, I didn’t notice it and I didn’t think it was happening any more. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for your sweet comments!
      (the only thing I could figure out was the image size…I did contact the support people because I was so blasted frustrated! They weren’t sure, although they did ask my image size and told me what my theme would accept.)

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