Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast~ Zion National Park

We had a Rockin’ good summertime blast at Zion National Park!  

And you know why!   There were lots of gorgeous rocks to gaze at, hike upon, and take photos of.

Here are some more of those larger than life creations of nature~

This was taken at the start of our  Emerald Pools Hike….
It was a great hike to take, alongside the river,  on a warm day’s BLAST of heat in Zion canyon.

The Virgin River at the start of the Emerald Pools Hike.


This was taken on the Riverside Walk Trail.  I wanted to have a comparison between the rock and people, to show how large the rock is.

 I waited until the couple got to the large slab of rock, and then I snapped the shutter.

A massive slab of rock that fell a long time ago, rests against the mountain.

The last photo shows the LAST BLAST of SUMMER……a colorful summer sunset.

The last sunset we saw on our trip.

Where did you enjoy a summertime blast this year?

Thanks for visiting!

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast~ Zion National Park

    • Hi Jace! Yes, many people do climb the canyon walls in Zion National Park! As an adventurer, yourself….I can see how you’d look at those mountains with that in mind! 😉

    • Hi David! A great time was had, thank you! It was on our bucket list, and now I’m planning to return! It has such beauty and majesty….(and wait until you see Bryce Canyon! I’ll post that soon) Everywhere you turn, you have photo ops, and places to hike.
      Do you follow Kerry129? He went to Zion in the spring and has a wonderful set of photos along with a log of his daily activities as a photographer. I can give you his WP address in case you don’t know him. His photos are outstanding, where I’m just an amateur! Plus he uses more equipment, so his stories are super cool for a photographer like you to read. Plus, he also went to NV, to Valley of Fire State Park, and just finished that series. It looks like another amazing park, which I’ve now added to my bucket list. His posts are on his side bar. http://lightscapesphotography.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/day-3-canyon-overlook-temple-of-sinawava-and-the-riverside-walk/
      I’m sure this was far more of a reply than you expected! My apologies!

    • Oh absolutely! There’s probably most of a day’s worth of driving between them. But it’s certainly doable. See the Grand one day or more, and spend the night somewhere. Then leave for Zion the next morning. The topography along Route 89 is amazing….other worldly…after you leave the Grand Canyon and travel to Zion. I took many shots at 75 mph! I’m thinking of posting those “between the Grand and Zion photos” today. We stopped a lot….Lake Powell and the dam, a beautiful overlook toward the N. Canyon rim and the Colorado River. (Rte 89), another overlook for Lake Powell~ and the most other planet-like formations along the Colorado River. Amazing rock formations! I kept feeling like I was at a movie set about Mars, Jupiter, the moon…I was just blown away by it all! It’s a great combo with the Grand Canyon and Zion….and then Bryce Canyon is just 50 miles north of Zion. Prepare to be blown away by Bryce!!! Wowza! (if you want to continue…we skipped it…Arches National Park is about 40 miles north of Bryce! Talk about hitting lots of National Parks in one trip!)

      • I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pictures! It sounds like there’s plenty to see driving from one park to another. I’d like to go to Bryce Canyon, too. So with enough time I could see all of them. Thanks Judy!

      • You’re right! Wonderful parks all between AZ and UT…and one more in NV! 😉 I’m also planning on seeing Valley of Fire State Park in NV on my return trip to Zion and Bryce….(did I mention this?) Kerry129 has posted about his trip to Zion and Valley of Fire. Kerry’s blog: http://lightscapesphotography.wordpress.com He is a fabulous photographer!
        Look on the lower right sidebar for his posts on Zion and Valley of Fire. (and forgive me if I’ve sent you his blog address before, or if you already follow him) Enjoy! And have fun thinking about the trip and planning!

    • OH Renee, I was thinking you were there now! I wondered how you were doing posts so nicely from Yellowstone! I can’t wait to see yours photos, which are always so lovely! I adore Yellowstone. I’ve been there many times. It’s a favorite of mine! Enjoy!! I know you will love it. There are so many different areas of Yellowstone to love! Happy Friday and the weekend!

  1. Hello Judy!!! Looks like you’ve had an amazing summer, immersing yourself in the grandeur of the USA! Nothing will ever duplicate the beauty of Mother Nature! Enjoy every minute of this feelting season! Margie

    • Hey Margie! It’s so good to have your wonderful, happy blog back open for business! It’s like a sweet day in spring when I visit your blog. Your artwork, your photography, your poetry, your sense of humor, your creativity, and your upbeat personality make it such a lovely place to visit.
      Yes, we did have a great trip visiting friends in the mountains of AZ…(cooler!), and visiting our national parks. We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of Zion and Bryce Canyon…and the topography in between. So much so, that we are planning a return visit!

  2. Thanks Judy for sharing a magical moment at the Zion National Park. The river, the trail the breathtaking sunset…every step of this trip, with the joys and laughter , with the bond and the memories…indeed it’s a Summer Blast well celebrated and remembered. We are blessed to have been a part of it. I’m with your when you wrote, ” Rockin’ good summertime blast at Zion National Park! ” Your post rocks!

    • haha…thank you, IT! It truly did rock! 😉 I have bonded with the rocks too!! I have many close-ups of them. I love the textures, the waves, the way they look like stacks of pancakes, sometimes! A rockin’ good time is right!

    • Thank you, Zelmare! I love the sheer faces of the rocks, too. And one of my favorites is the large slab where I took the shot of the people next to it, so you all could see the size!

  3. HI Judy! Beaitiful pictures! It’s great to be out in the wilderness and smell the fresh air! Your pictures remind me of my trip to Yosemite National Park last year 🙂 thanks for bringing back wonderful memories!
    Have a nice weekend!
    ❤ Adri

    • Thank you, Adri and you’re welcome! I love to be outdoors too. And you mention the scents….fresh air, pine trees, water….love it! Yosemite is on my bucket list! My brother lives not far from the park in CA. I’d better get out there before he moves!

  4. Nicely done, Judy!

    Were any of the waterfalls at the Lower Emerald Pools still running when you were there? I’m guessing not, but if there had been a t-storm downpour shortly before you got there, maybe they were. Even when I was there, in the first half of May, the ephemeral falls at the middle and upper pools were already dry.

    • Hi Kerry! Actually, there wasn’t what I would call a “true” waterfall at the Lower Emerald Pools. Most of the area was “dripping”. It was dripping enough to feel good in the warmth of the sun! On the far side of the lower pools, there was what I would call a “mini waterfall”. I have a photo I was going to post of that sometime. We didn’t see any waterfalls of great measure there, and the Upper Emerald Pools’ Trail was closed.

  5. More beautiful photos of this wonderful canyon. The first photo is really beautiful and what a great sunset you saw ! Thanks for sharing these photos, I love them !

    • Thank you, Jocelyne! You are so complementary….thank you! I do love those canyons too. More to come!!
      Did you see last night’s post of my daughter Kara in Paris? It’s a funny story…I’m sure it will make you giggle! 😉 My son and daughter-in-law arrived in Paris early this morning! I’m so jealous. 😉

      • Yes I saw it, it’s so funny ! You told me this story a few months ago so when I saw the photo I knew what it was all about 🙂 So funny !

      • Oh no, my feeble mind had forgotten. I just thought you’d enjoy a Parisian shot! 😉 Glad you got a laugh out of it again! And thanks for your “tut” on the photo! Wow…lots of steps, it seems. . I soooo wish Corel was available on Mac’s. ;( My son said Mac’s have a paint program available….I’ll have to check it out. He said it’s pretty comparable to Corel.

      • The processing I did on your photo was made with Photoshop CS6. I don’t use Corel anymore, I much prefer Photoshop ! I started with Corel but then I wanted to buy actions from photographers and they would only work with Photoshop, that is why I switched from Corel to Photoshop. I didn’t buy actions yet, I try to do my own. Corel is a very good photo editor but Photoshop does much more than Corel.

      • Oh ok! Thanks for clearing that up! I do love the photo! I need to get into my Gmail acct…haven’t been there in a day! Thanks, Jocelyne!

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