Water Dragon Sunday Post: Close-Up ~ Zion National Park

  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”
~Charles Darwin

Close-up…..Zion National Park…..”Garden Wall”


In Zion National Park, there is a short hike of a mile alongside the Virgin River.  The name of the hike is “Riverside Walk”.
Good things come in small packages.  There are plenty of wonderful sights to see on this short hike, on mostly level ground.
Every time you turn a corner, you open up a new vista between the massive canyon walls.
One of the sights to behold is the “Garden Wall”.  It is so named because constant dripping water down the rock face has created an environment for plants to grow.
One is able to gaze at the colorful rock facade and see various plants growing in niches all the way to the top.

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33 thoughts on “Water Dragon Sunday Post: Close-Up ~ Zion National Park

    • Thanks Jake! At first I wasn’t sure about entering my photo when I was reading your intro. I worried it should be with my macro. But when I saw your graphics I felt fine. BTW….your graphics were ultra cool as always!

    • It was interesting! I shot way too many photos there! (but I always shoot way too many photos!) 😉 I saw a great post of yours as I was leaving your blog late last night…I HAVE to return. I think it was about Chocolate? Yum, anything that mentions chocolate….lol I’ll be right over! Thanks, Meg!

      • Thank you, Kerry, for noticing! I truly loved being in the center, looking out at the Towers of the Virgin. My husband and I were so lucky to be the only ones there. I am mesmerized and awed by any massive amphitheater, such as the Towers and Temples. It was very peaceful just looking at those gorgeous mountains, the surrounding rocks and foliage, and reveling in the quiet. So many places I’d love to return to~

      • It’s probably not as inherently impressive as the Towers of the Virgin but the Court of the Patriarchs, just a couple of bus stops up the canyon, is pretty remarkable in its own way. I got there later in the morning than I would have liked–something to attempt to remedy on a potential future visit, I suppose. The best vantage point for the Court (IMO) isn’t at the official viewing spot up the path to the right of canyon road. Cross the road and wander along the path until you get to the river. The Court can be shot from the bridge over there, or keep going and head up past a grove of cottonwoods to an open, grassy plain. I never saw a soul when I was up there–except for a pair of wild turkeys!

      • I really enjoyed reading your story about this! (after we got home! drats!) You can guess where we went! Like sheep, we all trudged up the hill, taking “the” photo! The weird thing is, we were headed south on the shuttle at this point. So we got off, and stood with our backs to the Court, and the wonderful path you took, as we waited for a chance to cross the road. I even turned, to see what kind of a vantage point I had from that side of the road. Bummer!
        Your shot with the path in it is a real favorite of mine! The other funny thing is….I DO love to search out other angles and viewpoints when I’m shooting. But this one never hit me! I have a list for the next trip already! Thanks again for your comments! As always, I do appreciate them!

    • Thank you, Kerry! A compliment from you certainly makes my day! And, yes, there were several people photographing that wall. (but I didn’t want to have the same image they had!)

      • Judy, I didn’t mean to imply that the spot was heavily photographed; my apologies if that’s what my comment suggested. When I was there in May there was a good-sized pool of water right below the wall. (Not sure if that was still in evidence in the summer.) Lots of people went by, but no one else shot it (while I was there) other than me. So the “familiar spot” remark I made was meant to indicate that it was familar TO ME. 🙂

      • oh…lol! 😉 Not to worry, Kerry! I was just thinking it was the place everyone was shooting. There were many people shooting the entire arch and wall and I got an itch to move elsewhere, sort of like you were saying…..to capture a photo that’s not similar to the one everyone takes! Also, I prefer not to have to shoot over people’s heads, etc. There was still water in the pool, but not much. I did shoot that. Thanks for your comment…but all is well, I assure you.

  1. We went to Zion a long time ago and also stood at this wall! It is really beautiful and peaceful and your photo captures it perfectly. I loved how the cliff colors in the park changed from orange to brown to pink depending on the time of day. Thanks for bringing those memories back!

    • You’re welcome, Sheila! I loved the changing colors also. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot in burnt umber, bark, cream, yellow, tan, orange, black, red……. 😉 Thanks~

    • Thank you very much! I was fascinated with the colors also. At times the black color (from years of water dripping) looked like petroglyphs! (but weren’t!)

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