The grand, Grand Canyon!

Hello dear friends, it’s good to be back!  I missed all of you!

In the next weeks I’ll share some of the 2000 photos I took.  Don’t worry! You won’t be seeing all of them! haha!  

We began our stay with good friends from college at their home in Prescott, AZ.  I take back anything I’ve said about the heat in the summer in Prescott!

It was absolutely delightful.  Lovely breezes, low low humidity (one day it was 2% !!) and temps in the 70s and 80s F.

 It actually was much cooler there than back home in

Michigan,where the awful heat wave we’d had since June, continued unmercifully.

Sunrise on the way to the Grand Canyon.

We left Prescott at 6 AM one morning in order to reach the Grand Canyon around 8 AM, and have some good early morning light for photos.  The canyon shuttle runs about every 7 minutes during the summer.  We wanted to go to Hermit’s Road first.  I’ve been on that road before (in Feb. ’11) and I liked the views.  We hopped the shuttle and stopped at the first overlook.  Because I prefer to enjoy my surroundings and take my time to look at every aspect of the beauty before me, shooting lots of photos, we missed the next shuttle.   That was fine with me.  It’s not a marathon race!  Instead, we began to hike the Canyon Rim Trail to the next overlook,  and were able to get some great shots in between overlooks.  In fact, we liked it so much we continued to walk the Canyon Rim Trail for quite a distance.  Along with getting some awesome photo opportunities, there were very few people on the trail…a bonus for summertime!

Morning light beginning to show in the depths of the canyon.

It was a special treat to be alone on the Canyon Rim Trail and catch some great early light photos.

I’ll never forget the feeling of peace and serenity we had, as we walked along the edge of this spectacular setting.

I call this “Gold Standard”!

I love getting big hunks of rock in the foreground of my shots.  In the canyon that didn’t seem to be a problem!

Stone ledge….

  The sun is higher now and I struggled with brightness the rest of the day.  I didn’t stop taking photos, though!

I was lucky.  There were clouds in the sky that helped offer some lovely shadows and some overcast conditions, rather than full-on sun.

As near as we could tell, these “paths” are now washes, where earlier in the year they probably had water in them.

(However, they also could be trails.)

I call this “Canyon Neighborhood!”

I pushed my regular lens (Nikon 18-135) all the way out to shoot the canyon floor in this spot.  I thought this looked like two front yards!  

There are steps and a “fence” and the houses are the tall rocks!  Okay…so I have an overactive imagination!  Just wait until I get to Bryce Canyon! lol 

I call this rock formation Castle.

I think this looks like an awesome, ancient castle.  I wish I had better light for it.

 It’s a stunning example of nature’s work with wind, water and the movement of the earth.

A beautiful amphitheater.


Last, but not least……a family tradition, started by my son, when he was hiking in Colorado.

We all do “feet photos” when we are on trips!

My feet!

Here’s my version at the Grand Canyon!

I hope you enjoyed this short version (!) of my trip!  I may toss in a few more sometime.

Thanks for all your support while I was gone.  I appreciate it!

I’m glad to be back!


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38 thoughts on “The grand, Grand Canyon!

  1. Judy–those shots are spectacular, phenomenal and gorgeous. So glad you had a lovely time. any time you are in Phoenix I would love to get together 🙂

    P.S. I hope you post a lot more shots!!

  2. Welcome back Judy. I guess you had a good holiday. Nice photos and great story. The rock textures are great. I love the “stone ledge” shot. The clouds really add drama to this image. Beautiful!

    • Thank you, Jim! Yes it was a great holiday. Thank you for your kind remarks. I was somewhat disappointed with my images after working on them in full-size, and then seeing them at 550 pixels. I’m more pleased with the full size version! I’d like to look for a theme that will allow me to post photos that are at least a bit larger than 550!

    • Thanks, Julie! Hoping you noticed I ate my words about Prescott being “hot”!! Thanks for the great dinner when we got back from the Canyon too! We were hungry cowboys! 😉

  3. We ‘ve been to the southwest many times and never tire of its’ beauty. The colors are mesmerizing. The Grand Canyon is truly grand. So fortunate of you to be able to walk those Canon Rims trails. Your photo’s are wonderful. I love the eaarly morning shots the best. They look peaceful and quiet. ~~~ : – )
    Glad to have you back posting and showcasing you photo’s. Hope you are happy and healthy.
    Namaste ,

    • Izzy…’s always so great to hear from you. And you give compliments that feel like a shower of golden flowers. Thank you for them! I wish you could see my smile ;).
      If we only had a dimmer switch so we could keep the morning or evening light at the level we wanted it! I guess I must purchase a polarized filter? Something like that. It helps when there is too much light. All is well here….hope all is well with you also~

      • Gosh … I am smiling, too, and surpised at you very complimetary words. i enjoy visitng everyones blog and seeing the creative things they have seen and then post. It’s what I love aboot blogging. The versatility is measured by those who create it. Glad your back and hope ou are well rested. ~~~~ : – )

      • Izzy….You are a very special person….and I consider you my “blog friend”! I totally agree with you! To me, it makes a great patchwork quilt….all the information we gather from others’ blogs….and if my neurons are still connecting (!) I can stitch them together in my head….to make a wonderful, colorful, informative learning experience. For instance, I love your interest in art, which I also love. That was my college minor. I loved your post on Ringling’s college. We all have so much to contribute from simply near the places we live! I think that is so cool!

        I just have trouble getting around to everyone’s blog on a regular basis. And I feel guilty about that. Thank you, for your always colorful and informative “quilt blocks” that you post! 😉

  4. Love the details and colors in your photos. The Stone Ledge photo looks like a painting with clouds like that. It’s such a beautiful place, but I’m glad you’re back!

  5. Oh My God, Judy these photos are so beautiful, WOW ! The panoramic ones are wonderful. There is such a beautiful light and clouds and blue skies in each of these photos. It must be such a great experience to see the canyon with your own eyes, it’s so gigantic ! And I love the feet photo, what a fun tradition your son has started ! It also gives us a perspective of the grandeur of this beautiful Grand Canyon.

    • Oh Thanks, Jocelyne! The feet photo is silly, but I never thought of it as being a way of looking at perspective! Thank you for that point! And thank you for your very, very kind compliments. I honestly appreciate everything you say!
      I’ll send the photo…as soon as I can. Actually that’s a larger size than I can use here on my blog! I can only use 550 px. on the blog. I’m searching for another theme that will allow larger photos.

      • I have search so many times for themes with larger photos. Themes created for photography often don’t allow sidebars with widgets but you have big photos, like Jim Reed’s blog. Sometimes they allow sidebars but I don’t like the layout, or the choice of background colours, there’s always something that won’t work for me ! My theme, Quintus, allows photos 640 X 480 px. I have found themes that I really like with bigger photos but they are not free…

      • I’ve had the same problem, Jocelyne! I was wondering if they’ve come out with any new ones. Mine says it will hold 600 px. but it won’t. It takes 538! So yours would be a step up. And then I get excited about one and it’s Premium..and costs money! I also want different Fonts, and different size fonts. I struggle with the one font I have. They seem to have gotten smaller! (or my eyes are worse!) They do have different sizes, but if I use them, they look horrible on my post…all the letters are jumbled because the font is too large. ugh. I’d love customizable fonts, and background colors are important to me also! And a changeable header. Some don’t have that. Ack. Still looking! If you find a good one, let me know! 😉

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