Canyon View

Dear Blogger Friends….

I’m on a trip in the Southwest U.S.   Today I’m sharing a photo of the Grand Canyon with you.   I will return shortly.

I apologize for not answering comments and visiting blogs.  I’ll play catch-up when I get a chance.

I have taken 1000 photos so far!   So, I’ll have lots of images to share with you!

Take care….


A view of the Grand Canyon

24 thoughts on “Canyon View

  1. Judy~if you are going to head south to Phoenix, I am in the Phoenix area and would love to meet you for coffee or whatever! Hope you are enjoying the Canyon. If you get to Flagstaff, the observatory is quite worth the time. If you journey south from there Meteor Crater is cool (and the astronauts trained there). Let me know if you are heading to Phoenix

    • Kate….I apologize. I never saw your comment until just now. Our “old” college friends from Phoenix have a place in Prescott for the summer. We were there, as the “boys” were in a golf tournament then. I would have loved to connect with you! I will be back in Phoenix sometime in the future, so let’s plan on that. My niece teaches in the Phoenix/Littleton district and we have other college friends in Tucson! We have many reasons for visiting AZ! I was pleasantly surprised at the temperatures in Prescott. We have enormous humidity during the summers in Michigan and I loved the low humidity in Prescott! One day it was 2% !! I’ve never been anywhere, not even the northern Rockies, with humidity levels like that! The breeze was delightful and the temps got as high as 86…but it FELT like the mid-70’s! yay! Back in Michigan, they were continuing to suffer with high temps and humidity levels, as we’d had since June. Thanks for your tips…we’ll certainly use them on the next trip!

    • I did, I did! I took too many, Bindu! (like 2000, I think?) I’m sorting them out now and getting ready for posting! We had a great time! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Tess. Any time I can be “a bird” for you, I’m happy! My husband hadn’t been to “the Grand” either. (I went with a bunch of girlfriends in ’11) He was as blown away as I was the year before. Breathtaking…and my photos do not do it justice….. I can’t get the awesome color and I certainly need a VERY WIDE ANGLE lens! lol

  2. This is a nice reminder of the many trips we took to the Southwest. The mountains have the most beautiful colors. They always look like paintings.
    Enjoy your vacation … have lots of rest and relaxation … it’s summer-time so blogging can wait. Hope you have a fabulous time.
    Blessings ..

    • Thank you, Isadora. We had a lovely time. The wonders of nature in that part of the country are flat-out amazing. I could see it all again tomorrow and still be awed. I want to return!
      It’s nice to get back to my blogging friends again. I’ve missed you all.

    • Thank you, Zelmare! We did enjoy it. Some of the coolest wonders of the world are tucked into Arizona and Utah, Nevada and Colorado too. The rock formations are just amazing and cause my jaw to drop open! I think I took about 2000 photos! yikes! I’m working on them now, getting ready for posting. (don’t worry, you won’t have to see 2000 hahaha!!)

    • Thank you, Jim. We did enjoy it. In fact, I could return tomorrow and get the same goosebumps and jaw-dropping feeling. Nature’s unique rock formations cause you to feel as if you are on another planet, as you hike or drive around.
      This is especially true in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, but Zion Nat’l Park and the Grand Canyon are amazing as well.

  3. I was at the Grand Canyon back in 2003. Appears that it still looks as amazing as it did back then. Hope you’re having a wonderful time on your trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. Great photo.

    • Thanks Randall… We had a rockin’good time. The Canyon is still looking amazing…but I may have seen a rock that fell between your visit and mine. 😉 It is a jaw-dropping place for sure. We also enjoyed Zion and Bryce Canyon. We do have some awesome places where nature has created outstanding beauty in our country.

    • Thank you, Hilal! Yes, I am lucky to be able to go to the canyon. But you have beautiful places where you live too!
      And thank you for following me! I followed you, too! 😉

    • You’re welcome, IT. I certainly hope you can experience it. Your wife and son would love it too. When he’s older he will like to hike some of the trails.

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