33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. Beautiful pic of a favorite place. Between this and St. Mary’s Lake you brought back many wonderful memories tonight. Thanks.

    • I guess I did make your day, didn’t I?!! And the canyon later in the month brought memories too….;) Thanks for the comment and visit, Jud’!

    • Amira! Hello! I’ve missed all my blogging friends while I was on the trip. I did love discovering the mist and the reflection that day! Thank you! So good to hear from you!

    • Thanks, Jim. I feel the same about it…very tranquil. I did love it when I turned and saw that mist! Had to have a photo or two…or ten! 😉

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    • Yes…it’s a lovely little spot, not hard to find, once you know the location. (and you know Michigan!) Thanks! Now get back to the sun and sand! lol

  3. It’s beautiful…and dreamy ! I love the fog over the water As I was looking at your photo I was thinking how I would love to edit it. It’s such a beautiful photo. Do you give me permission to save it so I can work on it ? I see it in my head how I could try to bring the beauty of this photo to another level. I would send you the photo back and delete it from my computer and I would never use it on my blog or share it on social network. It’s just for the pleasure of working on a beautiful photo 🙂 I’m sure you never thought you would receive such a request !
    If you feel uncomfortable with that, please don’t hesitate to tell me, I’ll totally understand !

    • Absolutely…you are my friend! I have no problems letting you play! I’ve always wanted to “take a class” from you anyway. 😉 If you can tell me what you did to it, I’d love that, because I can learn from you! (I still have to take the texture tutorial from Kim Klassen…have no idea how to implement them!) Here’s my email: jjmum61@gmail.com I can send it to you through that email, please write me and let me know what size to send.

      • Yay ! Thank you Judy ! 🙂
        Send me a smaller size like 900 X 596 px, that way it will be easier to send it by e-mail. Of course I’ll told you what I did so you can learn a thing or two on Photoshop. If you have questions on textures I’d be happy to answer them and explain how it works, just send me an e-mail at jocelyne_deneau@globetrotter.net

    • Thanks Bindu! I appreciate your comments. It’s one of my favorites too. It’s good to be back on the blog after so long and see my blog friends, like you, again! I hope you and your family are well!

    • Thank you, my friend. That would, indeed, be a beautiful image upon awakening! Hope you had a good weekend, also! It’s good to be back on the blog after such a long time. 😉

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