Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Valuable

~A Hybrid Automobile is Valuable~

A fuel efficient car is a valuable resource.  We need to curtail our dependency on fossil fuels to protect our environment,
because our environment is also a valuable resource.

The Honda CR-Z Hybrid, very valuable to my husband & the environment.

~Our Environment is Valuable~ 

We need to work to protect our world in every way possible.  Here are some tips for Going Green: recycle, lower use of fossil fuels,
reuse/repurpose, go paperless,unplug small appliances, 

support green products or make your own, check your water connection regularly, plant trees,
take used clothes/furniture to a “store”,
turn off lights when not using,
send extra vegetables from your garden to neighbors, 

local churches or Hospice.  There are more ways to help.  Check out the web for ways to Go Green.

Sheep graze on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.

A clean, healthy, safe environment is valuable to everyone.

My blog friends are valuable to me! ❤ 


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28 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Valuable

    • Thanks Elyas! In Michigan it can mean two things: Go Green= good for the environment. OR Go Green= GO Michigan State Spartans! yay! 😉

      • haha in my language they call that killing two birds with one sling shot. 😉 Love the Michigan way of thinking! 😀 Go Green should become the slogan everywhere on earth! Our best means of survival as living beings! 🙂

      • hahaha….very good one! We have a saying like that too…and I always felt uncomfortable saying it. I like yours much better, Elyas! tee hee!

      • lol…we have a saying close to that too. And I never liked uttering it. I like yours a lot better, Elyas! 🙂 lol

    • Thank you, Jim. I hope Scotland is doing better than we are! In some places it works, in others, not so well. I think it’s slow catching on, and some are still rather apathetic about it. For instance, my husband and I have to haul all our recycling (all separated into dozens of piles/bags) to a recycling yard. But those in cities just dump everything into one huge bin that gets picked up weekly. It’s rather unequal. I can see why some of those who live in the country, as we do, don’t want to do all the work of washing and separating everything and then ferrying it in their vehicle. All I have to do is think about something sitting in a landfill for 100 or 500 years….and I can’t stand the thought…so I get it ready for our bins! A friend who just returned from Sweden said they have it all figured out. Maybe someday we will. 😉

  1. Our environment is a priceless treasure and it’s all up to us to protect it. Thanks for sharing a post that inspires others to help preserve mother nature. And yes, blogger friends are valuable. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, IT, I totally agree! Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful family! Enjoy the sunshine! Are you having the extreme heat that we are? Yesterday it was 103 here in Michigan. We are setting records right and left!
      It’s too hot for me! The crops and grass and flowers are suffering. We are in a drought. Some farmers have had to plow under their crops, because they’ve shriveled and died. So very sad, when it’s their prime source of income. So I’m praying for some rain for our wonderful environment! 😉

    • Exactly, Tess. We need to get this effort moving for future generations. My friend returned recently from Sweden. She said they have the recycling down pat. Their country is clean and the environmental strategies work wonderfully. I think it’s time for us to take a look!

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