Stand-Off at the Bird Bath~

Watching the behavior of the birds at the feeder, on the ground and around the bird bath reminds me a lot of human beings. 
There’s quite a bit of dynamics and drama that goes on if you take the time to observe!
Just like humans, the way they relate and react to each other,  and to the group as a whole is very interesting.

  “A simple rule in dealing with those who are hard to get along with is to remember that this person is striving to assert his superiority; and you must deal with him from that point of view.”
~Alfred Adler 

~ Stand-Off at the Bird Bath~ 

Settling in for a nice time at the local spa, Blue Jay is content and peaceful.


All of a sudden he has company  as Mr. Robin and Mr. Cardinal appear.  “This is MINE!”, Mr. Blue Jay squawks, protecting “his bath time.
The look he gives Mr. Robin is very intense.  Mr. Cardinal stays off to the right near the roses. 


“It’s STILL MINE!”, grumps Mr. Blue Jay, claiming his territory loudly. Mr. Robin slips into the shadows, not desiring to create a scene.
Mr. Blue Jay scolds Mr. Cardinal, who slinks further into the rose bush.


Finally the others disappear.  Mr. Blue Jay has what he wants….his spa tub, peaceful and ready just for him, ALONE
He decides to take a sip before his dip. 


Mr. Blue Jay is alone and ready now….





Mr. Blue Jay finally comes up for air.  “AHHHHH”, he says, “this is the life!  I love my spa tub!”


“MINE !!”, said Mr. Cardinal.   “I LOVE MY SPA TUB!”

oops!  😉


And that was the end of the Wednesday afternoon Stand-Off!

Until the next Bird Tail/Tale…….


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25 thoughts on “Stand-Off at the Bird Bath~

  1. Great story Judy! Birds do NOT like to share “their” water, and your interpretation of the blue jay’s thoughts is perfect. Oh, and your pictures are fantastic too 🙂

    • Thanks, Meg…shot through my window at a distance…I wasn’t disappointed. And, as we know the birds don’t hold still for a shot! 😉

  2. Love it. It’s fun and exciting watching them interact. I felt like a kid discovering nature’s amazing wonders. Mr. Jay wins in the end. I hope for him to be more social though. Wouldn’t it be great to see different colors of birds, all sharing “one” water fountain? Hmm, sound like people living in one planet, needing to share more. Have a great weekend.

    • Exactly my point! They do act like people! Blue Jay likes to be pushy and bossy, the others bend to his antics! We all know people who fit those characteristics! 😉 Thanks, IT!

  3. Ha Haaaa ! You made me laugh ! What a great way to present these photos Judy ! I love the exposition of the third photo and the splashing of the water in the 7th photo creates a little fountain !
    I’m so jealous…you have cardinals…and I don’t… 🙂 🙂

    • No cardinals? They don’t go to Quebec? That’s sad…but I’m sure you have birds that are equally as colorful. Last week we saw what I think is a Scarlet Tanager. He was a deep red with black. Beautiful. Do you have them? Thanks for your kind words about my post! I had fun writing it and I’m glad you laughed. I was hoping people would get a laugh out of it!

      • Yes we have Scarlet Tanager but I never saw one, they are so beautiful !. The cardinals come to Quebec, my in-laws’ have a couple in their yard all year long but I only saw a cardinal in my yard two times in 9 and a half year, that’s not much !

      • That’s too bad. They say they go back every year to nest in the same place….so if you can get some they’ll come back year after year! They adore sunflower seeds, so one of our feeders is pure sunflower seeds. The Blue Jay, Cardinal, Titmice, Red Headed Woodpecker, and many others love that feeder. The Finches & Chickadees stay at the other feeder that has some thistle seed in it. 😉

      • If you can get some to your yard…they will come back year after year. Or so I’ve read. They love sunflower seeds, so one of our feeders is pure sunflower seeds. The other one has a mixture with some thistle for the finches and chickadees. It’s time to lure them…. go to your in-laws with a big bag of sunflower seeds. Open a corner of it and walk home (well, drive home!) and let the sunflower seeds trickle out of the bag! Maybe some cardinals will follow you! 😉 Or at the very least, you’ll be able to find your way back to your in-law’s by following the sunflower seed path!!! 😉 I’m getting silly. I’d better go to bed!!! Bon soir!

      • Ha ! Haaaaa ! Maybe I should try that.
        Have a nice week Judy !

    • Thanks, zelmare! Sometimes there are quirks on this site! Last week I was replying to comments, but mycomments were not appearing. I kept making the comments over and over! I just hoped they finally went through!

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