Weekly Image of Life: Breathtaking

 Standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon was breathtaking.

The sharp drop from where I was standing to the bottom of the canyon seemed like miles.  The jagged faces of the colorful rocks were beautiful, like spires in a cathedral.  In fact, I felt as if I was in a very spiritual place.  

It was winter, and there weren’t many tourists.

It was quiet and peaceful.  At times, all I could hear were our own voices.

The sheer beauty of the vast, deep canyon took my breath away.

The south rim of the Grand Canyon.

What took your breath away?


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27 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Breathtaking

    • wow…I’m impressed, Matt. That’s got to be quite a hike. I’ve read all the precautions about doing that!
      My son and his wife want to do that, only in reverse. My husband and I are going to brave the crowds and see the canyon from the S.rim in July, as he didn’t see it with me in the winter. (I was with girlfriends). My photos were very faded compared to other people’s images I’ve seen. Hoping I get better shots this time! Thanks for stopping by!

    • lol You’re right, Madhu! But there are places with fences and railings. On the other hand, the Canyon Rim Trail is very scary to me..it is about 2 feet wide, and one side just drops right off! You’ll never find me on that trail! But people run on it, take their children on it, etc. 😉

  1. This looks like such a peaceful moment….I guess such beauty renders most people speechless, hence the silence.

    Gorgeous picture, Judy!

    • Thank you, Elisa! That and the fact that at 30 degrees in February….there weren’t many people! This summer we are going to AZ so my husband can play in a golf tournament with a college friend. He hasn’t seen the canyon yet. (I was with girlfriends), so we’ll brave the massive crowds and heat! I’m anxious to see how different it looks in summer, too. Thanks for stopping by!

    • That’s what I was thinking….between the Canyon and Sedona, AZ, it felt so spiritual. Like another world. The rock spires are cool and made me think of church spires. Thanks for coming, zelmare!

  2. The same thing took my breath away! I had no idea it would have such an affect but it is exhilarating and just indescribable to be faced with so much beauty in such detail. Too many years ago, we hiked down into it but didn’t get all the way down to the bottom. Still have to do that!

    • I’m not sure I could do that! Good for you! My friend was always suggesting we do that…but I don’t do well in the heat…so fall or spring would have to be the season! I’m also not great with heights. So I’m afraid I’d be a lousy candidate for that adventure! I know a few people who’ve done it on mules, but that’s even scary to me!
      Just standing on the rim and gazing, trying to take in all that beauty, was just overwhelming to me. I loved it. We are returning to AZ in July (yes…July!) as my husband is playing in a golf tournament with a college friend in Prescott. So we’ll stop by the Canyon on our way out. My husband has not seen it yet, I was with girlfriends when I saw it. I’m anxious to see it in the summer as opposed to February….along with 1,000.000 other people! lol

    • Thank you so much, Meg! We are heading back to AZ in two weeks, as my husband is in a golf tournament with a college friend. We’ll head out and see the canyon, as he has not seen it yet…I was with girlfriends when I saw it in February of ’11. It will be fun to see how it looks in July as opposed to Feb.!
      I have to tell you….we celebrated our anniversary the other night and my husband gave me a present. I pulled out of the bag.. Rick Steve’s “Florence and Tuscany” and also “Provence & Southern France” !!
      I nearly whooped in the restaurant, but kept my cool. 😉 He does not like to fly. But he’s ready to fly over “Big Pond” now. I was thrilled and got so excited I could hardly sleep! I said…Let’s do it this fall. Why wait? I’m thinking I’d like to do them in two trips, although I know they can be done together, but I really like to get into a place and stay put! I”m not a fan of hopping to a new place every day. What are your thoughts on splitting the trips or doing them together? Thanks, Meg.

      • I’m thinking two separate trips might be better – to go to both places in one trip you’d probably take a train, which is expensive and could be stressful if you don’t know French or Italian. If you take each trip separately you’d have more time to get to know the place and really enjoy it. And all the planning is so much fun, you’d be able to enjoy that more, too. I hope this helps – and what a great gift! Meg

      • Thanks, Meg! That was my thought. I hate to feel rushed and I’d love to think of one country at a time. I’d never make it on the whirlwind “Today is Tuesday, it must be Brussels!” type of trip….although that works for many people.
        It was a great gift, as I know he did the flight part for me…but he also loves to travel and see new things. It’s just getting over da big pond! I really appreciate your thoughts.

    • Holy cow! That’s about when we’ll be there! Or I guess we’ll be a bit later! Small world! My husband is playing in a golf tournament in Prescott, and we’ll head to the Canyon after that. I was there in Feb. ’11, he hasn’t seen it yet.

  3. “The sheer beauty of the vast, deep canyon took my breath away.” It did took mine as well for a moment as I imagined myself staring at this amazing, beautiful Grand Canyon. It’s like going to a spiritual journey, and this is the entrace to heaven’s door. Nature creates the most stunning landscape that takes our breathaway, making us realized how lucky we are to be alive with the opportunity to discover treasured places like these. Thanks Judy for sharing a wonderful adventure. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Thank you very much IT! Once again, you have the most beautiful writing and words just seem to flow so nicely from your lips and your pen! Best wishes to your family also!

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    • It is amazing…yes. I think I caught a few flies when my jaw dropped open! We are going back to Arizona in July, as my husband has a golf tournament with a college friend of ours. He didn’t see it when I did, as I was traveling with girlfriends then. So we’ll stop by on the way home, and also hope to see two national parks on our bucket list: Zion and Bryce Canyon in Utah. I just hope I don’t wilt in the heat! lol

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