Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Village

Village: definition~”#1: A group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.  #2: A self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features characteristic of village life.”  (wikipedia)

“I think when you’ve travelled around a lot in Africa, you understand something that many people here don’t recognize: the extraordinary power that is Africa at village level – at community level.”
~Stephen Lewis 

Whether we live in a section of a larger city, or in a small village, we can experience that sense of community that Stephen Lewis speaks about in his quote.  A sense of community means the feeling of  belonging, a group of people with common interests, and interacting together in a common location.  Being a part of a village or community means gathering together; coming out of our homes, greeting our neighbors, organizing a block party, sending a casserole to the widow next door, having a neighborhood garage sale, helping the man across the street fix his plumbing and more.  If we stay behind closed doors, we will never get to experience the benefits of village/community relationships, and the powerful feeling of having a group of people who care about us.  

a section of a small city gets ready to sleep…..

Does your neighborhood have a comfortable feeling of community?

Good night….


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12 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Village

  1. Lovely pic. We live in a small town, and although everybody knows everybody else’s business, I can’t really say that there is that sense of community…

    • I know….sometimes I think that’s a feeling from the old days. Although when our kids were little we lived in a close-knit neighborhood. We were out in the country and it was nice to have “play group” gatherings with the kids and moms.

  2. We lived for the longest time in small communities where we knew everyone around. But I actually enjoy the anonymity of living in a big city now!

    • It’s interesting how our tastes change over our lives! Our old neighborhood was a great “community”….when our kids were little and the moms and children would get together. Our new neighborhood isn’t quite the same. The people are older and there aren’t many children at our end of the street. We still talk to the neighbors but it’s not the close-knit feeling we had at the old house.

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