Weekly Image of Life: Fun Under the Sun

“Fun is good.” ~Dr. Seuss

On a sunny day at Empire Beach in northern Michigan,  my husband got a dose of fun when a parasailer glided smoothly over the beach and landed at his feet!  They said: “Hello!” to each other and laughed, then began a conversation about parasailing.   You never know when fun will come face to face with you, so be prepared to laugh at any minute!  Fun IS good.  Dr. Seuss was right!

Parasailer on Empire Beach.

Have fun and laugh every day!


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29 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Fun Under the Sun

  1. Such a beautiful beach with a fun parasailing surprise. That is one rare and exciting encounter.. I wish I tried one last March when I went to Boracay Island but I hurt my back 2 days before the event and I backed out last night. After reading you post, now I know I should try it soon. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • You’re welcome, and thank you, IT. I can understand not trying it with a hurt back! It does look like fun though. There’s a sand dune/bluff next to this beach, and the parasailer came right over the bluff and down on this small beach. It was like he dropped out of the sky. Lots of fun to watch!

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    • It is, Tess. It was a great thing to watch. I caught it in snaps as he got closer and closer….and then I realized my husband was going to be very close to the action! It was fun!

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