“Bungalow 47” Inspires My Furniture Makeover! Take a Peek!

Hello wonderful blog readers!

The store~Bungalow 47:

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately!   My daughter and I discovered an awesome new shop about an hour from our home.  The store is Bungalow 47, in Williamston, Michigan.   It’s an amazing boutique full of old and new items.  There are old pieces of furniture that have been lovingly restored, many using CeCe Caldwell paints.  There are new items, home decor, vintage goodies, jewelry, rugs, glassware, pillows and more.   It’s like a candy shop for me!   

As soon as I saw the beauty that Bungalow 47 owners Jill and Chantelle had given old furniture items using Ce Ce Caldwell paints, I knew I wanted to try it myself.   CeCe Caldwell paints are made with minerals: chalk, clay and porcelain clay all blended into a water based solution.  In addition, CeCe Caldwell has waxes made from insect and plant sources.  The paints are eco-friendly, non-toxic and have no odor.  Both the paint and the wax are packaged in recycled plastic containers.  Because the paints adhere well to most surfaces,  users will not have to sand or use primer before painting.  To me, that’s a blessing and a timesaver! 

The staff at Bungalow 47 is outstanding.  I had a question when I was painting and they answered it right away.   They are always very helpful and cheerful!  I’m looking forward to taking their painting classes, where they show participants different painting techniques.

The Makeover~small chest of drawers: 

I’ve had a small chest of drawers for decades.  It used to be a dresser with a mirror, and it had legs.  Years ago we cut the legs and mirror off, stripped off the darkened varnish, and stained it light oak.   I’ve been thinking of painting it black for a while, so when I saw CeCe Caldwell paint’s  “Vermont Slate” at Bungalow 47, I knew that would be the right color.   I also picked up one of CeCe Caldwell’s waxes, called Dark Aging Wax.
After two coats of paint, the dark wax is applied, deepening the color, as well as protecting the paint.    I did not sand or prime before painting.  I painted right over the stain and the paint adhered well.  The wax is like soft butter or shortening and goes on very easily.   After application, the wax is buffed with a clean, soft cloth.

We made some changes to the dresser before painting it.  The two large lower drawers were getting out of shape and every time we opened them, sawdust ended up on the floor.  Also, the bottom of the drawers was thinning.  I decided to use baskets instead of drawers. My husband fit two pieces of plywood where the drawers were, as a base for the baskets.   It wasn’t easy to find baskets with the right size for the openings!    I bought knobs for the top drawers at Bungalow 47.

I was very pleased with the ease of use of CeCe Caldwell paints and wax.  I’m also very happy with the results of my makeover.

Let’s take a peek at the makeover……


the BEFORE look….

Shelves in….Ready to paint! 



one coat to go…then wax.


DONE and loving it!



Thanks for coming along on my painting makeover!  I have another makeover to post.  Yes, I went crazy over CeCe Caldwell paints and Bungalow 47!   You will too!   Stay tuned!

I’d like to thank all the wonderful people at Bungalow 47 for the painting tips they’ve given me, and for offering such a fantastic store in mid-Michigan!   I encourage any of my Michigan readers to make a trip to Williamston to check out this lovely place!  If you live elsewhere, click on Bungalow 47’s name in any sentence and go to their blog.  It’s great reading and full of wonderful photos and inspiration.  Also, CeCe Paint’s site is linked with their name here too.  

Good night, sleep well~

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22 thoughts on ““Bungalow 47” Inspires My Furniture Makeover! Take a Peek!

    • Thank you for your kind words, IT. I do like the result too. The baskets were hard to find in the size I wanted! But finally I found the ones that worked! I was a crazy woman in every store with my tape measure!! 🙂

  1. Wow ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it ! I love the colour and I absolutely love what you did with the baskets, what a great idea ! It’s a great makeover, really, you did a wonderful job. The wax really made a difference, it deepened the colour perfectly.
    I understand your excitement over the paint, it really looks easy to work with.
    It makes me want to try the paint ! Now it’s my turn to get excited about some makeover projects ! If I can’t find CeCe’s paints here in Quebec or Canada (which I highly doubt) I hope I can order and have it delivered from Bungalow 47. But Oh boy…how to find time ? Not this summer, that’s for sure, but maybe this fall. I was supposed to paint a mirror and some coffee tables last year with AS chalk paint, they’re still waiting… ! Thanks for sharing this makeover Judy, I can’t wait to see your next one !
    I’ve got to try to find time for my projects !

    • Jocelyne! You are so cute…I can feel your excitement in your writing! I was pushing to get my projects done because my daughter and I had a baby shower here last Saturday. So I had a deadline…always a good thing for me! 😉 But I’m retired, too, so that is a huge difference. I have several other projects to do too…so you are not alone! If you can’t get the paint shipped, please consider letting me ship it to you. I’d be very happy to do that. So you have the AS paint already? Then if you got the CC paint…you could make a good comparison! Bungalow 47 has regular chalk paint… (I’ve used milk paint)…and I want to try that on some pieces, too. They have several colors and it’s a bit cheaper than CC.
      I’m so crazy about this makeover stuff, that I’m thinking of selling some furniture so I can buy more and repurpose them! lol (just joking!) 😉 Thanks and have a good day!

      • You would do that ? It’s so nice of you to offer ! Thank you Judy, if I can’t have it shipped I’ll let you know.
        I don’t have AS paint, I wanted to buy some but now I think I’ll go with CeCe’s if they have the colour I want.
        I don’t work either but it seems I can’t find time to do my paint projects ! Photography and photo editing is taking so much of my time !

      • I understand! I can’t get around to the blogs! I just went through 3000 emails! Finally cleared out all the old ones in that account!
        I’m not sure if there is a brochure with paint colors on it that I can send you. But it would be nice to see things up close!

    • Thanks, Tess! It wasn’t too hard. If I had nothing going on when doing the makeover, I could have done it much faster! Alas, but daily “to do’s” get in the way! 😉 Thanks again!

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