Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

As we cruised down Lakeshore Drive on a beautiful day this week, the beach was full of people enjoying the weather and the water.

Behind them, the buildings of Chicago were closely knit together, forming a crisp architectural backdrop, Β and a textural contrast to the soft sand and rolling waves.

Chicago from Lakeshore Drive~ Contrasting the hardscape buildings in the background with the soft foreground of sand and water. Also noting the close proximity of the buildings.

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

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    • Thanks Meg! A fave of mine too, obviously! πŸ˜‰ So many great things to see and do. It’s less than 4 hours for us to get there. Not bad at all for such a treat. My only gripe…parking! lol It’s the same in any large city, though.

  2. I didn’t know there was such a beautiful beach in Chicago ! I would love to visit that city some day. A great capture Judy !

    • Jocelyne….This is Lake Michigan you are seeing in the photo…it borders Chicago and its suburbs for miles and miles. Lakeshore Drive is one of the prettiest rides, in my opinion! Lake Michigan looks like an ocean! All the Great Lakes are massive bodies of water. I hope you do get to see Chicago….there are fantastic science museums, a great aquarium, zoos, botanical gardens and conservatories, art museums and much more! The best part is that it’s only 3.5 hours from me! πŸ˜‰

    • That’s what I was thinking, IT! Thank you!
      I need to get to your blog to see the new challenge! My life is on spin cycle right now! πŸ˜‰ I’ll get there!

    • Thank you, Tess. I’d say they are quite close. There’s about 5-6 lanes of traffic and 2 sidewalks between the beach and the apartment buildings! Not much at all, really! No grass! It’s really a cool drive…all along Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive.

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