Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

Hello dear blogger friends~

My friend, Island Traveler, from the blog This Man’s Journey has started a new photo/writing challenge for Wednesdays.  It’s called Weekly Image of Life.   This week’s challenge is Happiness.  If you’d like to join, go to his site ..click on his blog name.  You are not required to do the challenge every week, but go to his blog to read the exciting details he has planned.

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.”  ~Author Unknown

Happiness is sitting on a bench, pondering life together.

One joy scatters a hundred griefs.  ~Chinese Proverb

May you find happiness wherever it blooms today and forever.  Sometimes we look all around for happiness, but instead, it may come as a surprise.  A smile from a stranger, a note or email from someone we haven’t heard from in a long time, a flower blooming by itself in the center of the garden, or the car ahead of us paying our toll.   Happiness can come in many forms.  And when we Give Happiness to others, we also receive the gift back to us. ~

Have a Blessed day full of happiness~


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28 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

  1. A post that melts your heart and let you appreciate the simple joys of life. Such beautiful thoughts Judy, with a perfect photo of a sweet couple, sitting by the bench, sharing happiness to each other. Love these words, “Happiness is sitting on a bench, pondering life together.” Indeed it is. People ask me what makes me happy. I usually would say, “Well, just walking by the beach, holding my wife’s hand as we watch our son play by the water and sand makes me happy.” What matters is that I’m with them. Happiness is where they are just like what you photo entry showed. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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    • Thanks, Jim. Searching my archives for a Happiness photo, I was reminded of what you shared with me. (You mentioned that you and your wife like to sit by the water and talk) I found this photo and it says it all. Being close and talking or not talking. Living each moment and enjoying them.

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