Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

When I think of summer, I think of going to Lake Michigan.  Our daughter and her husband live there and it’s fun to visit them for a day or two. (hope they agree!)  The beautiful beach is five minutes away,  the pier is a great place to walk,  and even the ice cream tastes better!

Sunsets are gorgeous over the lake……but this photo shows the setting sun’s reflection on clouds in the eastern sky.  It was a double delight that night!

The setting sun reflects on the clouds in the eastern sky.

It’s time to enjoy summer!  Yay!


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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. That’s funny. My best sunset over Lake Michigan photo was taken in the dead of winter with the reds and oranges of the sunset reflected off from the ice on the lake.

    Great photo, no matter which direction the camera was pointed.

  2. Love the picture. We are finally getting summer weather here in my neck of the woods in Canada, but other than that huge full moon we saw some weeks ago, I haven’t seen a sunset lately. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Awww….I do hope you get a sunset soon. I’m glad you are getting summer finally. We are hitting the mid-90’s this weekend, which is too much “summer” for me! Especially after a few 70 degree days!

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  7. Have a great time. Enjoy the summer! Beautiful shot, Judy!

    Here in the desert the sweltering summer has set in, and we are almost melting. Waiting for the summer vacation – we can stay indoors during the day time.

    • Oh Bindu…..I can’t take the hot hot heat! whew. It went over 90 degrees F. today. Tomorrow we will slide down again to the 70’s. We are on a roller coaster of temperatures! I enjoy the cooler ones and like you, when it’s hot, I stay inside!
      Hoping your vacation comes soon! Thanks dear friend!

    • Hi Sheila! I feel my shoulders relax when driving in toward the lake! Love to watch and listen to the waves, the skies… Your words, as always, are so kind. Thanks!

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