Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Pets

I could not let this challenge slip by without posting a photo of our beloved miniature Schnauzer, Schatzie.
In German, Schatz means Treasure.   Our Schatzie was certainly a treasure to us.
She was smart, loving and full of character.
Schatzie was a gift to our son for his 10th birthday.  I bought books on raising dogs so he could practice his reading skills.
One of the techniques he discovered in the books was to teach your dog to ring a bell when they want to relieve themselves outside.
It didn’t take long for Schatzie to learn that skill!
Starting when she was about a year old, she’d lay on the window seat, watching for squirrels and rabbits.  Soon we’d hear the bell ring every time she saw a rabbit or squirrel in the yard!
“Let me out! I want to chase them!”
Thereafter, the bell rang a lot!

Our precious Schatzie…..our special little Treasure.

 Nowadays, Schatzie is playing happily with all the other pets in Heaven.  We’re sure she’s ringing bells.  And we miss her so much.

 Thanks for visiting!  If you want to learn more about miniature Schnauzers, click here.


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41 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Pets

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  3. Dogs bring us such happiness! Schatzie looks like she had very happy life. That’s a great idea to teach reading that way and the bell trick is a great one too. Our dog just barks like crazy whenever she sees a rabbit. The rabbits like to taunt her.

    • Hi Sheila! Oh yes….the squirrels would walk right up the railing of our deck to the window, looking in at Schatzie sitting on the window seat and they’d tease her. She’d go so crazy, she’d forget the window seat ended, and slip off trying to get to the squirrel. ;( It was kind of cute, though!
      They do bring happiness and that unconditional love….such wonderful pets who become family members. Thanks for writing!

    • Thank you Tess….Yes, she was pampered (and spoiled, I’m sure!) But not to the point that she was a nuisance! We just gave her a lot of lovin’!

    • Isadora….Thank you. I loved your story about Marshmellow. So glad you gave me the link. I’ve been struggling, trying to keep up with blog visits and I’m not doing well. Such a tender tale. But a wonderful ending, you’re right! Thanks for sharing it.

    • Yes, she was looking good in that photo…she had been to the groomers….you’re right, Todd! She didn’t have the wiry hair most Schnauzers have. Hers was more like angora rabbit hair…so everything caught in it. Burrs, small sticks, leaves, etc!

    • Bindu! Thank you so much! I just wrote on your blog! By the way…I love your new profile photo and I keep forgetting to tell you how nice your blog theme looks too!

  4. Oh, she was so cute ! Schnauzer are so affectionate, my brother had one too and he was such a sweet dog. The story about the bell is so funny, it made me smile, dogs are so intelligent.
    I’m sorry to hear she passed away, is it recent ? I still miss my previous shetland and he died 3 years ago.

    • I’m sorry Jocelyne. It’s so hard to lose a pet. They become members of our family. Schatzie died 7 years ago, but I still miss that little cutie.

  5. Hi there! I think your blog is wonderful, and have nominated you for both the Very Inspiring Blog Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. The details are in my post here: http://zenandgenki.com/2012/05/22/inspired-and-lovely-2-new-awards-and-fireworks/
    If you’d like to accept these awards, that’s great! Congratulations! If you’d rather not, no worries – just know that I think you have a terrific site. Thank you for making it such a pleasure to visit 🙂

    • Anne…Thank you so much! I’m overwhelmed! Two awards! wow. I’m honored and humbled by your kindness. Thank you so much. And congrats to you…as you received them too! 😉
      I’m very very very far behind in returning my awards. eek! I go back to March this time. I’ll try to get them out before a year’s time. !! Thanks again!

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