Sublime Savannah~

Savannah is a lovely southern city.  We went with our friend, Gail, since it’s only two hours from St. Simons Island.  I’m a fan any kind of architecture and Savannah has beautiful examples of southern style, Colonial, low-country and even the influence of New Orleans style home designs.  We took the trolley tour instead of walking.  Because of that, you will notice  the roof of the trolley in some of my photos!  And there are a few that may look like we were zipping by!  It’s true!  We had one trolley driver with a lead foot!  I tried to take as many photos at stop signs as I could! 😉

One of the charming aspects of Savannah’s city plan and layout, is the implementation of city “squares”.  These parks are throughout the historic section of the city; providing a wonderful green space, a place to sit under the cool shade of trees, a place to walk, and a place for children to run and play.  The squares were part of an original, elaborate plan by the Georgia colony’s founders.  General James Oglethorpe, a colonial representative of King George ll to the colonies, developed the Savannah Plan.  His plan consisted of a series of wards built around central squares, with trust lots on the east and west sides for public buildings and churches.  Tithing lots were planned for the colonists’ private homes on the north and south sites.   Originally there were 24 squares.  Today 21 squares remain, and all are beautifully maintained with fountains, benches, statuary and gardens.   

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Thanks for traveling with me to Savannah!

If you’d like more information on the history of Savannah, click here.


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26 thoughts on “Sublime Savannah~

  1. A good few years back we flew into Orlando, then drove up to Charleston to spend a few days sightseeing, before slowly heading back down to Orlando. We planned to stop off at Savannah on the way back to Orlando. Unfortunately on the last day in Charleston I got food-poisoning. Our hotels were pre-booked so we still had to drive to Savannah with a lot of stops on the way there. It took me a few days to get over it. I never really got to see much of Savannah, except some of those lovely squares….

    • Hi Mike…Yikes food poisoning. Nasty stuff. Especially on a trip. The squares are so delightful. I was just enthralled with them. If we had stepped off the trolley, I’d have taken more photos of the squares. I did go into the one with the large fountain. But the sun was still bright, the fountain statuary was pure white, and of course, my photos are washed out. Such a cool plan….wish every city had so many. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a charming place! I love the style of the architecture – very ‘southern’, even of it’s only in my mind since I really don’t know all that much about ‘southern architecture’! 🙂 Love your pictures!

  3. These are charming pictures, Judy. I had to look for the roof of the trolley in your pictures. They were so much fun to view that I never noticed it!


    • Oh, aren’t you sweet Elisa! Thanks! It wasn’t the best of conditions, especially with ol’ lead foot. But I was happy most of them turned out! 😉

  4. Looks like a very cool place.
    I am a fan of architecture too … especially landscape architecture 🙂

    The “doubleturretporch” photo is the best.
    thanks for the share

    • Thank you, Amira. I love that house too~ I took a close up of one of the “turrets”, with a vine creeping all over it. I wonder what kind of flower that will be in the spring and summer. But alas, my photo was blurry. ;(

    • It would be perfect for a girlfriend trip, Renee! Great restaurants, good hotels, nice trolley rides….if you don’t get lead-foot! 😉 tee hee. It’s nice to park and take the trolley around the whole city to see everything first. Then stay on the trolley and go around to where you would like to get off. You can get back on the trolley at any stop. Look for an “on/off” trolley station to start your trip. Park there too.
      You gave me a great idea. This would be a super place for my girlfriends too!

  5. Oh wow…look at these big and beautiful homes, that’s great architecture ! It looks like a really beautiful city. Do you have photos of the fountains and statuary in the parks ? I would love to see them ! 🙂
    The photo of the church is superb, I love the angle and the light !

    • Thanks, Jocelyne. That’s what I regret the most. I don’t have photos of the squares. When we were leaving, I wanted to see one square that had a large fountain in it. My husband dropped me off and he kept circling the square until I finished taking photos! But, alas, the sun was still too bright, my camera settings were wrong, and the statuary (white) was washed out. I could post it, but it’s not very pretty! I sat on the right side of the trolley in order to capture the homes. The squares were on the left side as we rode in the trolley. My next trip (!) will concentrate on the squares!

      • Ha ! The ups and downs of photography ! It can be a challenge to take photos under a bright sun. I hope next time you can get it right !

      • It sure can, Jocelyne! It can frustrate me to no end sometimes! I’ve got to tell you something. My daughter found a neat store about an hour away. It’s called Bungalow 47. They have the coolest stuff for sale, repurposed items, chic pillows, antiques, thrift-store furniture, jewelry, etc. I’m loving it. You can look it up online: or on FB. Any way, they had Annie Sloan paints they were selling out, because they are now using CeCe Caldwell paints that do the same thing and are cheaper. (not real cheap!) I bought a quart of CeCe paint and a jar of wax. The store gives paint classes that I want to take. My husband and I are repurposing a small chest. I’ll take photos! Wish you lived closer!
        The store gives paint classes

      • Judy, I never received this in my e-mail… I came to your blog because I wanted to see this post again and I didn’t remember I had already leave a comment, and this is when I saw your reply. Sometimes I wonder if we even receive all the comments people are leaving in our blogs.
        Thank you so much for the link, I will check it out soon. It’s great this paint is cheaper, because Annie Sloan paint isnt’t ! I never heard of this brand before, I know of another one but I forgot the name. It’s great your daughter found this store, you won’t have to order the paint via internet or phone, it’s so much easier to have a store nearby. Taking classes is a good idea, there is so much we can do with those kind of paints. I saw a post at Maison Decor blog where Amy was taking classes with Annie Sloan in Boston and it looked like so much fun, there’s a lot to learn on the paint and also the wax. I wish I had a store like that nearby, there aren’t any where I live, maybe I could find a store that sells CeCe in Quebec, I’ll have to check that.
        I would love to see the transformation of your chest, did you take a before photo ? 🙂 If I lived closer you can be sure I would go see how you’ve done it !
        Send me a photo, my e-mail address is on my blog.

      • Hi Jocelyne….Yes, I took a “before” photo. I thought I might make a post out of it. That’s as far as we’ve gone. My husband needs to make supporting shelves for baskets, as I’ve removed the drawers. The CeCe paints are less expensive, but not cheap. I hope I didn’t lead you down the wrong path! I think I paid $29.00 US dollars for a quart. (litre for you?) I wondered how much it covered, as 2 coats are needed. They have a massive red hutch there. It’s beautiful, and it must be six feet long and six or seven feet tall. She said they used turquoise as a first coat, and red as a second coat, then sanded the red so the turquoise showed through. She said they had leftover paint in both cans. I was pleased to hear that! I’m looking forward to the class too. For one class you can bring your own piece of furniture….but it’s about $150. The one I’m going to take is $60 and we get a piece of molding (plus supplies) to practice on. We’ll learn crackling, and other techniques, as well as straight painting and waxing. Have a wonderful weekend….

    • I do too, Tess! I love to take photos of just the buttresses, the pediments, the windows, railings….I love all those details too!
      By the way, I found this in my “Basement”….my Spam box. I thought we were finished with this crazy stuff. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the comment.

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