Salamander Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT.

Salamander Glacier is located in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, Montana.  You should be able to see the body of a salamander-like creature on the mountain.   The “head” is pointed toward the left, the “tail” toward the right.  According to Wikipedia, a 2005 assessment of Salamander Glacier showed its size at 43 acres.  Unfortunately the glacier  has suffered a 23% reduction in size since 1966.

Salamander Glacier.

The water is turquoise-blue because of the silt-like rock flour that is created by glacial erosion.  The rock flour enters the lake and remains in suspension, causing the color of the lakes or rivers to change.  The lake in the foreground is Grinnell Lake.  At first, Grinnell Glacier overtook Salamander Glacier.  But as the years passed, the two glaciers separated.

To learn more about Salamander Glacier, click here.           


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14 thoughts on “Salamander Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT.

  1. The glacier together with the turquoise-blue waters of the lake makes a one unforgettable, breathtaking beautiful landscape. It so fascinating how the glacier through time molded itself to shape like a Salamander. Just amazing. Thanks you for sharing a wonderful post today.

    • For sure. When we went to the Canadian Rockies and walked on the Athabasca Glacier, it was a great learning experience. Although I worried about the buses driving on it and all the people walking on it…

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