Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI.

Hi everyone!

I’ve posted about Frederik Meijer Gardens before;  but we went there in late April, and I wanted to share some of the spring photos.
Frederik Meijer began one of the largest grocery chains in Michigan.   It ultimately grew to serve Illinois, Ohio and Indiana too.   Since Grand Rapids is his home base, he began Frederik Meijer Gardens as a place where the community and visitors from all over the world, can come, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

 A pond in the garden with a simple bench for reading or relaxing.

A pond in the gardens with an inviting bench.


A simple shed turns into a magical place with pink dogwood branches making an entrance arch.

A shed is tucked away under spring flowers, like a secret house.

Pretty falls sparkle in the sun; splashing water on the rocks as it tumbles to the bottom.

Cool spring water flows softly down the rocky falls, diving into the pond.

The palace must be her home, she thinks, as this dainty royal purple tulip bows her head.

A heavy water-laden purple tulip bows royally.

After a sleepy winter, the pond awakes with soft colors, mirroring the new buds around its perimeter.

A pond shows off its reflection with new spring buds.

A quick storm blows through and sets off a flurry of activity in the sky.  The clouds form amazing, cotton candy puffs and colors to dazzle the eyes.

The storm is over; the clouds have a party in the sky.

Shades of blue and pink decorate the late evening sky. What a treat!

Thanks for going to Grand Rapids with me!

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26 thoughts on “Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI.

    • It certainly is a great place to watch nature at play, Isadora. There are ducks and other water fowl, and it’s quiet and peaceful. Thanks!

  1. Hi Judy! I am going to add this beutiful place on my “places to visit list!” Your pictures came out so pretty! This looks like such a relaxing place 🙂 the little river and waterfall is my favorite! I also like the pink tree picture with the shed, the colors came out so nice!
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Thanks Amira! I had to go back out to my post to see where I had clouds! 😉 I love sunsets and clouds, in general, you are correct!

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