When it blows here, even the seagulls walk.  ~Nick Faldo

It doesn’t sound appropriate to say “I shot some seagulls” when we were on St. Simons Island.
But that’s what I did!   With a camera, of course!


“AHHHH!  I see some Northerners down there.  They always have food for us!”

Seagull lands in front of people.

“What’cha got for me?  I like any crumbs.  Come on, I know you’re good for a treat.”

Seagull pleading.

“Whaddaya mean you’ve got nothing?!  Hmmmph! What good are ya?  (giving the cold gull shoulder)”


“Forget it.  Just FORGET IT.”




Have a good day and make sure you laugh!


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20 thoughts on “Seagulls

    • They are characters, aren’t they? I think they are the clowns of the bird family! I like to watch them too! Thanks for your comment!

  1. Our seagulls are constant companions when you go to the beach here on St. Simons and they are unrelenting beggers! You have captured a great seagull attitude when encountering a visitor without a snack offering!

    • Didn’t you love that cold shoulder shot??! lol They are pests the world over! Our Great Lake gulls are the same. As Tess above..said..she’s seen them grab food right out of people’s hands. I have too. Tess said they call them “Pirates”! Love that nickname. You’re being so nice to say “constant companions”! 😉 We are not the kind of peeps to encourage begging behavior. We don’t feed wild animals!

  2. The pictures are very good, clear and sharp. No blurring when they’re in flight either. Awesome.

    We call seagulls, pirates. They’ll steel food right out of your hand as you’re trying to eat.

    • Oh I know. I’ve seen it happen. They can be such pests around our Great Lakes, too. You can tell he was stalking us. But we won’t feed them. I don’t want to encourage that begging habit! I love the nickname…pirate! perfect! Thanks Tess!

    • Isn’t that the truth! I’ve wanted to capture birds that were not eating at my feeder for a long time. I really don’t know how I did it. I just followed their path and snapped. I wasn’t sure what I had until I looked in the viewer! lol It was mostly luck! But I was so thrilled when I saw what I got!!
      I had my trusty, favorite kit lens….it’s so versatile for an amateur like me….or anyone. It’s an 18-135mm. I’m planning on changing cameras and I’m looking at a similar lens. A Sigma 20-200mm. I find the range is so good, I often just need that lens, and then my macro for closer shots.

    • Yes…they are quirky and robbers! But we had no food….they were “begging”. We don’t feed them….I’m against encouraging that kind of behavior in wildlife. I do love to watch them….I think they are the clowns of the bird world at times!

  3. Do you know the music from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Neil Diamond)? It is beeeeeeeee-utiful music. These pictures made me think of that. 🙂

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