Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Vehicle

A vehicle, as defined in Wikipedia:  is a mobile machine that is designed or used to transport people or cargo.

Drive-in banks were established so most of the cars today could see their real owners.   ~E. Joseph Cossman

Savannah police car.

I took the photo of this great police car from the “tour trolley” in Savannah.  Note the awesome “red light”!


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33 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Vehicle

    • Elisa….that quote just tickled my funny bone when I saw it! I had to use it! lol I love the car (s) when we passed them…but I got a lousy photo. The second time, on the way back from lunch, I was able to get a better photo from the trolley. (I knew they were coming up!) I think my parents had one of those when I was little. ???

      • That’s a great story, really. Missing the shot the first time around and then getting an excellent picture from the trolley. Old cars resonate with me too!


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    • Panda! Hey, I’ve missed you! I’ve been so bad….I’m very far behind getting around to other blogs. Thanks! And how are you?

      • I’m glad you’re doing well, demonsking. DJ is doing great. Spinning records for all the dances keeps me busy. lol Not to mention it spins my head and makes me dizzy. haha. Are you in another semester of school? Or is it vacation time?
        Watching soccer? I saw Barclay was playing. My son is really into international soccer too.

      • lol just having the last days of semister, have projects to complete, exams to give . so much burden im carying these days.
        yeah man how can i stop watching soccer 😛
        Barclays is a english league, and my fav football team is Barcelona 😛 the spanish club 😉
        btw big tornmament is comming, the Euro cup , it comes after 4 years

      • Oh I know Barcelona is your fave! I was just trying to sound like I knew something! It didn’t work! haha

      • I get all the leagues mixed up. I don’t follow them as much as my husband and son do. My son attends some of the matches in the US. Years ago when he was in Europe, he saw Germany play. Now don’t ask me who they played against! But it was part of the World Cup. I do know that! 😉

      • i just only watch barcelona matches, dont have enough time to watch all the team matches and all the leagues and tornaments. 😛
        lol i remembered that 🙂 you told me about that germany match your son watched on my blog 😛

    • Thanks! I love vintage anything…and that goes for autos too! I agree…I can picture Bonnie and Clyde with this one on their tail!

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