First tour stop: St. Simons Island, GA!

Hello everyone!  

Between sorting and editing photos, we’ve had internet problems.  Then I got a new laptop and a new photo editing program!  eek!  The learning curve is back!  Thank you for your patience with me!
I got shut out last night again by ATT.  New router….no one can figure out the answer.  

Are you ready to start our trip?  Climb aboard!  Today we visit lovely, lush, sub-tropical St. Simons Island, Georgia.  St. Simons Island is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, along with Jekyll, Sea Island and privately owned Little Simons Island.  Of the four Golden Isles, St Simons is the largest with 16.6 square miles of land, and 1.3 square miles of water.  Their temperatures average  in the 80’s in the late spring and summer, and the 50’s in the winter.  July is usually hottest with temperatures in the 90’s.  (information from

My best friend from college, Gail,  is fortunate to live on St. Simons, so we stayed with her.   Gail took us to some new places we haven’t been and that was fun.  As always, my camera was stuck to my hip!

As we pass over the causeway from the mainland, we can see the marsh, where a variety of fauna live.

The marsh.

We are greeted by a bustling marina!

The marina.

St. Simons Island is known for their beautiful Live Oak trees, often draped with lacy Spanish Moss.  This street is an example.  It’s like driving through a lush green tunnel!

Street on St. Simons Island.

Spanish Moss in Gail’s yard.  Spanish Moss is an air plant.

Spanish Moss.

If you love beautiful beaches, come to St. Simons Island for a visit!  They have long stretches of sandy beaches and they even have some rocky areas!  They’ve got it all!

Wide sandy beaches with the tide out.

Rocky coastline.  “Splash on the rocks”

The St. Simons Lighthouse has been in existence since 1807, when it was commissioned to be erected on the site known as Couper’s Point.  That lighthouse was 85 feet tall.  In 1862, during the Civil War,  Federal troops formed a blockade and invaded Georgia, and caused the Confederate army to evacuate the area.   Before leaving, the Confederate army destroyed the lighthouse so the Federal troops could not use it as a navigational aid.  The new lighthouse was built in 1872 by Charles Cluskey, a world-renowned architect from Georgia.  It is 104 feet tall and has a 129 step cast iron spiral stairway.  (I know because I walked on each of those steps!!)  The lighthouse has a third order Fresnel Lens that projects its beam 18 miles.

The lighthouse today.

St. Simons Island is a great place to catch the last rays of the sun.  We stood on the long pier to watch the colors change and enjoy the soft, balmy breeze.

St. Simons sunset from the pier.

The last shot of the day…….palms in the sunset….Good Night!

Thanks for joining me on our trip to St. Simons Island, Georgia!  
If you’d like tourist information on St. Simons, click here.
If you’d like information on the history of St. Simons, click here

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32 thoughts on “First tour stop: St. Simons Island, GA!

    • OH….it’s not bad…I just jumped from Photo Shop 8 to Photo Shop 9….but there are a few new things. And my new Mac has new editing tools too….so it’s just a lot of “new” when I was trying to get my trip photos out! Then the internet failing just added to the problem!

  1. Great pictures Judy…I am always happy to share “my island” with others. This is a wonderful place to call home. You know you guys always have a place in this little slice of paradise!


    • Thanks buddy. I was hoping I got all the details right. Especially the lighthouse where you are a docent! I’m not sure if you’ve read the comments, but everyone likes the photos. I may be sending people there! 😉 love you….and thanks for putting up with us for a week! We had so much fun!

  2. Great photos and very informative. We’ve visited St. Simon’s Island many times. My first art show there was like a vacation. It was so interesting to see marsh land. It is so close to Florida yet very different in many ways. It is a wonderful place to visit. You have done a fabulous job of enticing visitors.
    Very nice …..

    • Hi Isadora! Oh dear… you think I enticed visitors? 😉 Then the residents won’t be happy with me! lol Thanks for your kind comments. You know what a nice place it is!

    • Actually, Kate, I have PhotoShop Elements. It’s a lighter version (and much cheaper) than the full PhotoShop. It serves me well now as an amateur. I use a Mac. I know it’s available for PCs, because we had them in our school district, and I took a PSElements class on them. It takes a little bit of playing around with it, but it’s not hard to learn. I just went from PSE 8 to 9. I will probably jump to the newest one: 11 soon. There are differences between 8 and 9, but not much. But combine it with my new Mac with new features, and the new PSE, the internet crashing…it was a frustrating week! I use PSE for watermarking photos and for doing light editing. If I have a special photo…like my dead coneflowers….”What is this?”…..I like to use their special Artistic features, like Dry Brush, Watercolor, Plastic Wrap, Sponge Paint, Blur, Glass, etc. They change your photo to really awesome artwork. Thanks for your comments Kate!

      • Thank you so much, Kate. I do have a lot to learn, but I take one thing at a time. 🙂 If you purchase one of the PSE’s, I’d be happy to “chat” with you through email if you have questions.

    • Thank you, Elisa! Gail said the marshes were greening up faster this year than others. I guess our strange springs/winters happened all over! You’ve been to St. Simons, right?

    • You are dear. Thank you, zelmare. Now if I could live where YOU live….that would be something! What beautiful things you can see right out your door! 😉

    • Thanks, Judy. I love that too. I think it might be because it makes it look so exotic. And we have nothing up here that rivals that! (maybe icicles!!!)

    • Very much so, Jim. Thanks! If I can keep this internet working, I’ll be over to see what you’ve been up to. I always love your work!

  3. I want to go to Georgia ! It’s so far from where I live.
    I would love to see these beautiful streets with oak trees and it would be fun kayaking in these waters !
    The photo of the street is so beautiful, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Judy !

  4. The islands and Trees are amazing! The life in these islands are so apparent and you had a great time!!

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