Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Shelter

Definition of Shelter:  “A place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.”  (Google Search)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous place of shelter, Fallingwater, is located in the mountains of western Pennsylvania.   The home he designed for the Kaufmann family affords many areas of shelter. While the entire home is a shelter, there are also sheltered doorways, sheltered walkways, sheltered terraces, and a sheltered carport.   In addition, Wright’s design of wide overhanging rooflines, gives shelter in storms, allowing windows to be open during rain.  They also keep the house cool in hot weather when the sun is high in the sky, and provide solar heat in the winter when the sun is low in the sky. 

In my photo, look for some of Wright’s “Mature Organic” design characteristics:

 *wide overhanging rooflines
*long horizontal lines in the home’s design
*typical red paned windows, often with glass meeting glass in corners
*blending the house with nature

Unable to see here: but Wright’s front doors were hidden from view of the regular pedestrian. He felt that would keep solicitors away!
Also unable to see in this photo: Wright kept the entrance to his homes small, with a low roof.  When you opened the door, you entered a room with higher ceilings and more room.  This was the effect that Wright desired.  Feeling compression…..then a delightful expansion when you entered the home. 

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This is not the traditional view of Fallingwater.  That will come soon!
For more info on Frank Lloyd Wright’s shelter designs,  click here.


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58 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Shelter

    • Hi Madhu…it sure felt that way to me! I have books here, too, and Fallingwater has been on my bucket list for years. We’ve been to a home here in MI. We’ve also been to Taliesin East and West. But Fallingwater was like Mecca to me! So glad we went!

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  2. I have to confess, Judy. When I saw that this week’s Water Dragon theme was Shelter, I thought of you! I was really hoping you would have a fabulous Fallingwater photo. What an incredible shot. I love how it looks like the structure is a a bloom atop all the leafy green in the photo….wouldn’t you just love to spend a week living there>

    • A week? How about you and I going for a month or two? 😉 Oh yes….I could handle that. I told the tour guide, though, I would have to put a bell on my husband, because it would be easy to lose him in the house! (to my husband’s delight, I’m sure!)
      Thank you for your comment. You are very kind. I took a shot about every ten feet as we walked around the front of the house on our way to “the famous view”. I thought it would be cool to see all the angles.
      I’ll be posting that Fab view of the home/falls soon. 🙂

    • Oh….you will love it! Fallingwater has been on my bucket list for years and years! I was deliriously happy! We had rain that day, but an overcast day is a good day for photos too. 😉 Thanks!

    • I’m sure your tour has planned this…but I was just thinking about this…..7 miles from Fallingwater is Kentuck Knob. It’s one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian home designs from the 50’s and it’s delightful. Smaller than Fallingwater, but equally exciting. The woods surrounding it are beautiful and planted with flowering trees. The yard has huge chimes that blow in the wind. (I posted a photo of one in my post “Trip Teasers” a week ago.) I hope you can make it to Kentuck Knob!

      • WOW I had never even heard of that one! I need to head to the library and check everything out about him once I have all my students through their finals 🙂

      • I only heard of Kentuck Knob about a year ago. It’s a sweet “little gem”, still privately owned, but not inhabited much by the London owners. The grounds are particularly lovely.

    • Thanks Tess! I will be posting that shot of mine too…soon. I just got a new computer and have to load photo shop elements in the new one….so I can watermark my photos. Then I’ll get my trip photos up.
      That is a glorious view of the home. We were very lucky to have the final tour of the day. No one was on the terraces and balconies at the time we were shooting the home and falls!! wahoo!

      • Yes…I’d suggest taking the last tour of the day. It was called “In Depth” and was more expensive. You get to see more of the house, the guest house and other areas, so it’s worth it. It’s 2 hours long. There’s one at 8:30 am. and the second is at 4 pm.

    • You would not be disappointed, Cee. Although I tend to be a Frank Lloyd Wright freak, the design appeals to many people. He was so far ahead of his time in his designs. So many innovative ideas!

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    • It’s definitely angular, but there are no 90 degree corners! They’re all soft, curved corners as in an adobe house. I’m thinking he was influenced by his environment in Taliesin West at that point. Still I see what you are saying. Thanks for your comment!

    • wow…very cool! I was not good in math, so architecture was not an option for me! But I certainly can see why you’d be in love with Fallingwater! Thanks for visiting!

      • Some dreams get interrupted by life. I never did get to be an architect but I still love observing interesting buildings.

      • You’re right about that. I’m with you. I adore architecture….I’m always snapping photos of buildings or elements of buildings!

    • Ahhh, me too, Margie! Do you have Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes in B.H.? I’m sure you must, that’s such a lovely area. The closest non-privately owned home to us is the Meyer May house in Grand Rapids. It’s an awesome home with 105 stained glass windows (even stained glass skylights) and one clear picture window! Admission is free if you ever get over that way.

      • oh my would i love to see that. all those stained glass windows! does that make it seem dreary inside at all? my guess is that it doesn’t . I am trying to imagined stained glass skylights. wow, what a concept!

      • Actually they are lovely. They give a soft light on a cloudy day, and on a sunny day they “paint” the floor with color. They’re stunning!

    • Hi Judy….we share many likes and just found another one! I’m glad to find another FLW fan. I can literally become obsessed with his style of homes, his creative genius, how progressive he was with his innovative design features. Do you have FLW homes in your area? The nearest one for us is the Meyer May house in Grand Rapids. It’s a fabulous design, free admission, and photos can be taken throughout the home. (I’ll get off my soap box now!!)

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    • Thanks so much! It’s always been on my bucket list too! Loved it….I was “falling” all over myself, I was so excited! lol

  6. Lovely post, Judy. It has special significance to me, as you will see in my next post. For now, I have to get some food going, as my daughter & HWTHB is on the way for a visit!!!!! 🙂

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