Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Together, the double stairways leading to the front entrance of this Savannah home give it an elegant presence.  They also help provide protection from flooding, by raising the first and second stories off the street level.  The architectural style of this type of southern home, where the main stories are a full story above ground level,  is called “Low Country”.   Homes situated in the “low country” were more likely to flood than those on higher ground.

Together, double stairways lead to the front door in this Savannah home.


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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

    • Oh thanks, Elyas! I do very much appreciate those words. I was very tired when posting that night and almost didn’t include any info. But my feeling is that a photographer should always TEACH something. There’s a story in every photograph. Thanks for reminding me that my extra effort was worth it!

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    • Thanks Eliz! I agree, I love the color of the brick and the stately design of the home. The trolley driver had a lead foot and it was hard to get some of the photos to turn out well! This was one I had some luck with!! 🙂

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  4. Judy

    This looks like a series of homes in Bethesda MD or Northern VA. Same style – unfortunately, very expensive here.


    • That’s interesting. I was reading about Low Country style homes and the article said they usually are found on the barrier islands or coastal regions in the south. I find the style very appealing. It could be built anywhere! I imagine they are expensive. This house appears to have a lot of space. We just heard about one of the Rainbow houses in Charleston going for $6 million. (6500 sq. ft) !! Amazing. Thanks for your comment, Todd. I love your new series.

    • We think so much alike!! I was just writing another blogger and mentioned that I could picture myself in a long, flowing dress….I forgot to mention the hat!! So important then! 😉
      Thank you Sheila!

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    • Thank you, Tess. We took the trolley around Savannah and sometimes my photos weren’t the best. One of the trolley drivers had a lead foot and I had to snap quickly at stop signs! lol
      Or try hard to hold the camera as still as I could! It was quite comical to watch, I’m sure!

  6. I’m glad you were able to experience Savannah’s southern charm during your vacation. I can almost envision a horse and buggy tied up in front of this elegant colonial home!


    • Gail (St Simons friend) and I have been to Savannah for lunch…but not for the “trolley tour”!!! I loved it….like I love Charleston. Love those old places! Dripping with charm…I agree!!

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