Paris: la Dome des Invalides

A visit to la Dôme des Invalides in Paris is our trip for today.   The dome presides over Napoleon’s tomb in the royal chapel section of the buildings known as Les Invalides.  Les Invalides is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and is home to many military items, such as uniforms, flags, guns, cannons, etc.

The dome is 107 meters high (351 feet), making it one of Paris’ tallest monuments.  The inside of the dome was painted by  Charles de La Fosse.  The remains of Napoleon’s body were placed in six coffins, the final, and largest one, made from red Finnish porphyry.  

The beautiful painting on the ceiling of the Dome des Invalides, Paris.

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36 thoughts on “Paris: la Dome des Invalides

    • Me too, Elisa! I love Paris. I want to go back in the worst way! Thanks for your comment.
      I’m on vacation for another week, and I don’t have reg. internet access here. I’ll come back, hopefully with loads of photos to share!
      See you soon! 😉

      • Elisa…you are so sweet! Thank you….we are having fun with a dear friend. We’re on St Simons Island GA. Weather is gorgeous. There are freezing temps predicted up north…but we have balmy breezes here! 😉

      • OMG, you are a mere 5 hours away. St. Simons is sooo beautiful. I can almost smell the sea!

      • Wow! You and your cute little town are that close? Cool. We’ve had gorgeous days. We climbed the lighthouse this afternoon and got some nice photos (after I caught my breath! both from the height and the steps! lol) We’ll be moving on up the coast in a couple days…hoping the weather is as great as it has been here!

    • Hahahaha…you know that’s the truth, Jim! With no tripod, my neck back as far as I could go..I didn’t think it would turn out. But I was happy with the results! thanks….

  1. Lovely picture, Judy. My sister and I were here over 2 years ago and really enjoyed exploring this place and the Musee de Rodin nearby. It was a very cold winter morning but we had a nice time anyway. 😉

    • Hi Malou.. It is a special place to explore. And I love the Musee de Rodin too. My daughter and I were there in June (several years ago), and the hydrangea bushes were full of huge, cream-colored blooms. It was beautiful!

    • Hi Maggie…this photo was taken 7 years ago, when my daughter and I went to Paris. I’m very ready to go back! I’m glad you enjoyed the photo…you’ll love the City of Lights!
      I’m on vacation for another week and I don’t have reg. internet access. When I come back, hopefully I’ll have some new photos to share!

  2. It’s beautiful ! I can’t wait to see it…in 2 years !
    The windows give a sense of how big it is. It reminds me of the dome in the Capitol building.

    • Jocelyne…I was thinking I responded to this…did you receive a reply?
      wow! You are going to Paris in two years? I’m so jealous! I really want to go back! You will love the City of Lights! Thanks for your comment! 😉

      • Yes, I already received your reply, it must be a glitch from WordPress.
        It’s so exciting ! It will be my first trip to Europe, I’m going with my sister and niece for 10 days. Next time you should come with me, you wouldn’t have to bother about the language 😉

      • My girlfriend here in Georgia has a nine year old computer and it’s very slowwwww. 😉 She’s getting a new one soon, but I’ll bet it’s why I had problems with some comments not showing as “replied to”.
        How wonderful! You will have so much fun with your sister and your niece. You’ll create great memories that will last a lifetime! Shared exploring, laughter, new tastes, sights…a trip you’ll always treasure! By the way…it would be great fun to travel together~ just think of the French vintage things we could find!
        My daughter and I had a funny story as soon as we arrived. We threw our suitcases on the bed and took off in pursuit of the symbol of Paris…la Tour d’Eiffel (probably incorrect French!) Our hotel was only a few blocks from it, yet after 45 minutes, we still had not found it! We sat down on a bench to read a map, then I stood up to take a photo of my daughter on the bench. I shreiked! For behind us was the Eiffel Tower! 😉 It was a ways behind us…but there it was! haha…we have laughed so..over that. The women who couldn’t find the la Tour d’Eiffel! I have that photo on Pinterest…maybe here too. Fun.

      • Hee ! Hee ! This is so funny ! I imagine you and your daughter sitting on that bench looking at the map with the Eiffel tower behind you ! I’m sure I would have done the same thing, I’m so good at these kind of situations 🙂 I will sure look at this photo on your pinterest ! Sorry if it takes time before I respond, I sometimes forget… blame it on the pre-menopause 🙂
        Oh my ! All these French vintage things ! We would go crazy over them and would have to put to the mail all the things we’d buy ! I won’t have time for that when I’ll go, my sister is really NOT a shopper. Can you believe I went to New-York last summer for 4 full days and didn’t find 2 minutes to shop, even at Macy’s ! But it’s ok, I know if I travel with her I won’t shop, so I guess I’ll have to return to NY and Paris with someone else !
        You were pretty close with la Tour d’Eiffel, the correct way of saying it is la Tour Eiffel. 😉

      • Thanks for the correction my dear friend! Sometimes I use “free”, but I don’t think I used it that time! Ah yes, we would have a blast! I’m afraid we’d have to own a shipping line though! How do people pay for vintage armoires and ship them home? 😉 Maybe if we found an antique egg whisk! Or apron!
        Do you visit the blog: French Country Cottage? I love that one. Gorgeous “stuff”! She even uses items from Kmart and puts them together with other items in such a way you’d never know it came from a discount store!
        Even if you don’t shop…just seeing everything for the first time is magic for your eyes, and well worth any money you’d spend on trinkets. We were there 2 weeks, so we had plenty of time to dip into a few stores. ~and find la Tour Eiffel. lol

    • Yes, I know the blog French Country Cottage but I haven’t visited for a long time !
      I found this blog Simone is from NYC but now lives in Provence. There is plenty of everything French in her blog. She regularly goes to the brocante and she’s showing what she finds. Lots of goodies in there !

      • I think I’ve seen that blog somewhere! Thanks. I’ll check it out!
        We were gone a couple of days again. Our daughter got her Master’s degree..we went to her graduation. Her thesis is done! whew! 😉

  3. I did laundry at a little laundry mat just next to here. After i sat on the lawns until it started to rain.. Went to try and hail a cab and just before i hailed one, i got a personal drive by precession by pope John Paul II. It was quite a day that day way back in August of 1997! Never got to see inside though so thank you. thanks for bringing so many old memories back with that single post and picture. 🙂

    • Hi Isadora…
      Actually I bent my neck back into a weird contortionist’s position! 😉
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m on vacation for another week, without reg. internet access here. I’ll look forward to returning soon…

  4. now I have to add la Dôme des Invalides to my wish list of sights to see.
    Wishing to visit Paris is beyond my dreams … even dreams have to be kept realistic right?
    but anyways, no harm in wishing to dream of visiting Paris 🙂
    thanks for the share Judy

    • Dreams are always wonderful to have and keep close to our hearts. I have dreams too…like visiting Maldives! On Pinterest, I have a “Bucket List” board, where I’ve pinned many places I dream to visit, and many things I dream to do someday. It’s fun to look at it and it makes me smile, even though I won’t be able to visit ALL the places I’ve chosen! Thanks for your kinds words…

  5. It’s beautiful ! I can’t wait to see it…in 2 years !
    The windows give a sense of how big it is. It reminds me of the dome in the Capitol building.

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