Ancient Artifact? or ?

Is this an ancient artifact?

An ancient Greek Sun symbol?

Or is it something else?

An ancient artifact? !!

Actually I can’t fool any of you!  This is sort of ancient…er um….it’s from last  summer’s garden!  Now can you guess?
As near as I can tell, it’s a Purple Coneflower.  We have them in the area where I found this cool specimen.  It makes such a great photo subject.  And….as you can see below, I had fun playing on PhotoShop with it too. 

Dried Purple Coneflower with the "Dry Brush" effect from PhotoShop.


Thanks for viewing my Coneflower!


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68 thoughts on “Ancient Artifact? or ?

    • Me either, Bindu! I think I’ve been walking all over them and haven’t noticed them! Now I will look for them! Dried flowers can look cool!

    • Sandy..Your coneflowers look like this one of mine now? Oh good. It was my guess that it was a coneflower after looking at photos of dried ones! You mean yours looked like regular coneflowers with petals and all…all winter? Wow. That’s pretty amazing!

  1. This is such a cool picture! A purple cone flower? I love those, one of my favorites in the garden. Unfortunately a favorite of the bunnies, too. You can almost hear their little teeth crunching away at the base of the stem at night…..then TIMBER, down they go! I should try to dry a couple so at least I’ll have something that’s left of them!!

    Beautiful picture!

    • Hi Elisa…welllll, I think it is a purple coneflower. It’s in the area of our coneflowers, but it could be a weed for all I know! I looked up photos of dried coneflowers and daisies. So I was thinking it may be the cone flower! We hardly have any rabbits at this house. We have coyotes that travel through the woods, so I’m wondering if that’s the reason. I was surprised to see a bunny the other day. The deer munch on everything here! I love how you describe the bunnies eating! funny…

  2. Whoa. now that is cool! The textures are amazing. Plants and trees often look just as beautiful when withered and dried up as they do alive. This is a perfect example of that. Outstanding photo, and the photoshopped version is great! 🙂

  3. Thank you for wandering around your garden and sharing your find. I am not thinking Ancient… but definitely an artifact. Love the effect from Photoshop, I am still in a learning curve with that one. ~Franny

    • Hi Franny….I just want you to know I found this in my spam. I’ve never found yours in spam before.
      Yeah…I was joking when I said ancient….it was last summer’s coneflower!! I have PhotoShop Elements and I just keep trying new things. I’m sure it’s not as complicated as PhotoShop itself. The tool bar and tools are strange though. I only use the text writing tool so far. 😉

    • Hi Judee…I just have PhotoShop Elements right now. It’s all right on the same “board”. Not difficult to find…but it took me some time before I had the nerve! I understand. It’s also involves the Time factor. 😉

    • Thank you, Olive. The planting/hardiness zones for Coneflowers go from 3 (very cold) to 9 (warm weather all year). I don’t know what your planting zone is, do you?
      Zone 9 Would be like South Florida’s tropical temperatures. Find out what your planting Zone is, it goes by your average yearly temperatures. Then you could order them online.
      The link I gave you is for seeds. You can read about them. It says it’s North America’s favorite plant. So I have no idea.

      • Aha! 😀 I know it after visiting the link you gave. Here in my place (Tomohon) we call it Aster flower (it’s daisy, right?) 🙂
        Thanks for the info, Judy 🙂

      • I think it’s part of the daisy family! When I was online they had daisies along with the Coneflower. So maybe that means you can grow them? I hope!!

    • It’s a purple Coneflower, dried from last year. I found it when taking photos of daffys in front of the Coneflower plant. I tried to take photos of it on the plant, but the breeze was too strong, so I brought one inside. I’ve taken about 50 photos of it, I’m so enamored with this thing! lol

    • Thanks…I’ve just started playing with the other parts of PSE. Up until recently I only used the text tool. Now I’m having way too much fun!

      • PSE is probably the only Adobe product that I don’t currently have. I had bought the original versions of PSE and Photoshop Premier but didn’t like either of them. They languish on my computer because I already have four programs that I know and enjoy (Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 4, PaintShop Pro X4, and Photo-Paint X5).

      • My son and daughter in law are photographers and one of the programs my son uses is Lightroom. I think he may have Aperture too? He has several programs. I’ve been thinking of Lightroom. I do post production in iPhoto and then move to PSE. But I want to learn more about PhotoShop, Lightroom and others. I also want a paint program. I got the free trial notice for PS CS6, but I didn’t take it.

      • You can still downloand CS6 and have at it. It’s in Beta right now.

        I downloaded it because it was supposed to be able to edit video, but I guess they got tired of programming because what little video editing it provides is somewhere between poor and really poor.

      • Yeah…but then I saw the price for the paid version (still Beta). I thought..well…I’ll look into all my options and see what I’ll do.

      • The price is enough to scare anyone away, even the overly rich. If you want a similar program that is about 90% of everything that Photoshop is, but with a much less steep learning curve, look into Corel PaintShop Pro X4. Corel also has a free 30-day trial program for it, and if you need any help, you can call on me.

      • Thanks so much for the tip, Russel. Is this available for Macs? I’ve heard of Corel for years and I’ve been very interested in it. Thanks!

      • Rats. It’s not for Macs. I can’t tell you how ready I was to dive into the trial. I wrote a letter to them asking for a Mac version…puleeeze! But then I realized I wasn’t logged in. I’ll do it another time. I’m really disappointed. It sounds just perfect for me. Thanks for your recommendation, Russel!

      • Oh I have gone nuts over this thing. I’ll bet I’ve taken 30 photos! Last night I picked 2 more! I think it’s worth it to plant Purple Coneflower not only for its summer beauty…but now for the winter texture and photo opportunities! 😉

    • Thank you, french twist…I’ve had so much fun with that silly coneflower. I’ve even gone out to the garden and brought more into the house to photograph!

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