Helleborus, or Lenten Rose

The Lenten Rose, or Helleborus (commonly known as Hellebore) is an early blooming species.  There are many varieties of Hellebores.   The one I have blooms in March.  It’s an evergreen plant with flowers of deep purple.  The Lenten Rose is a lovely addition to a garden and a special treat when snow is still on the ground!

Read more about Lenten Roses from Wiki here.

Lenten rose.

The center of the flower has the most interesting "folded" green area.

Even the bud is cool looking!

The blooms sometimes hang down like bells.

I love the intricate center of the flowers.

Thanks for viewing my Lenten Rose!  I hope you enjoyed it!


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61 thoughts on “Helleborus, or Lenten Rose

    • Hi sojourner! I had to go out and look at which one it was! There were a couple I had to pull gently up on top of the other flowers for support, in order to get a good shot of them. But no, the fourth one was just sitting there like that. I liked the way the petals had a “roll”
      or a curl in them! I think the buds are so cute too!

    • Knock myself over the head! I had forgotten. Purple is the color. The altar/pulpit paraments get changed to purple for Lent. Thanks for the reminder. I should have known that! I’ve had to change them in past years!

  1. Oh wow ! That’s a beautiful flower and your photos are gorgeous ! Where are you ? I would love to see your garden 🙂
    No flowers here, it’s snowing today, we had 5 cm…
    I have yet another flowerbed to plant, I might consider having a helleborus but I have to see if it’s hardy enough to where I live. It gets very cold here in winter, we often have -25°C.
    You know what ? I’m sure you could sell your photos for framing. These photos and the photos of the irises, daisies and the Meijer gardens, especially the one with the blue morpho, are sooooooo beautiful !
    Have a nice evening Judy !

    • You are so kind, Jocelyne! My photos are not that good. But I’ll keep trying! I’m in mid-Michigan. Our temperatures don’t go as low as yours. The average low is 9.2 C …but it goes below 0 F regularly during January and into February. I’m thinking you should be able to plant Hellebores/Lenten Roses. I’d check them out online. They are pretty hardy and are evergreen all year. They bloom in the snow sometimes. You must be in a gardening zone below mine. I’m in gardening Zone 5. You must be in a 4 or a 3? My garden is full of weeds. That’s what I grow best. lol

      • Ah ! those weeds… I’m in zone 4A, I’ve already tried two zone 5 plants, a buddleia and a grass, and they didn’t survive even if they were protected against the wind and covered with straw. But maybe I’ll try again !

      • Aw shucks. I love buddelia and grasses too. That’s too bad they won’t grow for you. I just looked up and it says Hellebore Niger (White Christmas Rose, is the hardiest of the Hellebores, good for Zone 4. Someone was from Zone 4b, I think Vermont or New Hampshire and they grow them. You might want to look into that one (Niger). They also said it can be slight pink in color as it ages.

  2. I love this deep purple color! 🙂 I’ve never encountered this flowers before. Maybe time to go to the botanical garden! 😀 Flowers are so relaxing, by just looking at this picture I feel calm. Thanks for sharing Judy!!

    • Oh I’m glad you felt calm looking at them. I do too. That’s why I go to our local greenhouse in the middle of winter. It’s like being in another world~the scents, the colors, the textures. With all the bareness outside in the colorless world…the greenhouse is a delight for all the senses!

  3. I love visiting and seeing all your beautiful flowers. We still only have daffodils here for now so I’ll have to look into planting some of these too – thanks for letting us know about them!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Judy! The name Lenten rose is indeed so appropriate, reminded me of the color of the clothes of Jesus of Nazarene that is normally on a procession during Holy Week. 😉

    • Yes…Malou! Purple is the Lenten color, you’re right. We change the paraments (cloths) on the altar and the pulpits in church to purple and white for Lent. Thank you!

    • I have had these for years…just one bunch. Now I’m ready to branch out into more colors. I’ve always enjoyed the flowers, but this is the first time I’ve taken photos of them. Now I’m really hooked! Thanks!

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