Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world;  nor could the world see the man within.  ~Claudia Johnson

Through a window at  Palace de Versailles , France, one can see the gardens, sculptures, pools and the vast grounds.  

Looking through a window at Palace de Versailles, France.


For more information on Palace de Versailles, click Here.

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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  3. That’s such a ‘clean’ image
    Nothing out of place
    Not even a fluff of a cloud
    dare to show face.
    The trees the bushes
    Trimmed to perfection
    Everything in their place
    Playing the ‘perfect’ role
    The view through the window
    Such a sight to behold

    • Amira….so typically YOU…answering me in your eloquent way! I love it! “Nothing out of place…the trees the bushes, trimmed to perfection.” That’s exactly how I remember the gardens of Versailles! They are lovely…. And so are your words! Thank you!

    • Hi Isadora….It is a wonderful memory. My daughter and I went to Paris several years ago, before she was married. We had so much fun! Lots of laughs and two weeks of learning about the City of Lights. Couldn’t ask for more!

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    • Thank you very much, Franny! I am so honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Award. Such a lovely award…and I love the name!
      Thank you again! And congrats to you on your receipt of this award!

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    • I agree, Malou! Even in the oppressive high 90 degrees F temperature…..the gardens were just gorgeous. Loved the sculptures in the gardens too! thanks!

  7. Pictures like this make city life where I live look depressing! You made my depressing day 🙂
    Great capture.
    Best Wishes

    • Thank you, Todd! But wait…you live in a gorgeous city! I’d love to live there!! It’s all relative, isn’t it? 😉
      Thanks for your compliment!

  8. I noticed many of the weekly challenge photos this week were “through” doorways of beautiful locations around the world on the blogs I follow. I enjoyed it so much, especially this beautiful view of the gardens of Versailles.


    • Wow…4 times! That’s amazing. Wow..I like that you’ve looked out that window too! 😉
      Can you believe when my daughter and I went, the Hall of Mirrors was being renovated? grrr.
      Part of it was there…but not the rest. What are the odds? lol

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  10. I remember looking at that window as well. It was my first glimpse of the magnificent grounds. I was there in October and it was unbelievably hot and humid (28 deg C with 94% humidity). We took the little train down to see Marie Antoinette’s charming Hamlet. It really is an amazing place!

    Great photo and great entry for this week’s theme!

    • Thank you, Laura! My daughter and I were there several years ago in June. The temperature was around 95 F, with humidity as well. It was very hot! We didn’t go to the hamlet. Next time!

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