Crazy for Daisies!

Daisies seem to have such intricate petals for a small flower.  Through my macro lens, the petals always appear like soft fabric to me.  They have pleats and folds.  They drape like the most luxurious satin.  

And yet, the daisy is still our simple, well-known flower.  A flower that cheers with its bright button face,  tells if someone loves us, and is a very resilient against the forces of nature. 

Daisies are like sunshine to the ground. ~Drew Barrymore

Daisy~ with bright yellow Forsythia glowing in the background.

An abstract view of daisy petals.

Daisy "face"!

I called this one "Diamond Daisy". The center sparkles in the light, and the daisy takes on the look of a vintage pin.

Another daisy...

The petals fascinate me!

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45 thoughts on “Crazy for Daisies!

  1. Love your photos… Daisies are my favorite flower.. I too love the way the petals fold. I think it all goes back to my childhood and making daisy chains… there was a meadow, in the hills behind our country home, coverred in the wild daisies… Thanks for taking me down memory lane…

    • Thank you! I’m glad I could take you on a memory trip, Maggie! I used to do the same thing. I love your wee story: “there was a meadow….”

    • Thank you sojourner. Macro lenses are expensive, some more than others. There are some alternatives that work and are quite a bit less. I started out with Extension Tubes. I got a set of three: 36mm, 20mm and 12mm. I still use them a lot. I can attach them to my regular lens or my macro, for a closer view. All three were $150 together, considerably less than a macro, and very versatile, since I can use them in many different combinations. There is another way….and I think it’s a kind of “filter”…but I’m unsure of the name. A camera shop would be able to answer questions for you if you ask them about substitutes for macro lenses. Thanks for your compliments!

      • Sojourner, the filters are know as close-up filters (some places might call them macro filters). If you Google close-up filters you should have no problem finding them.

      • Oh thanks, David! I’ll pass that on to her. Months ago kerry129 mentioned a “filter” to me and I could not remember what it was! Thanks for your help!

      • sojourner…..David Williams just answered the “filter” question!
        Here is is: “Sojourner, the filters are known as close-up filters (some places might call them macro filters). If you Google close-up filters you should have no problem finding them.” What a great guy!

  2. Judy you are right, the petals do look like a lovely fabric when magnified. These are beautiful photographs, I can tell you put a lot of love into capturing the daisy’s charm!


  3. Judy, these photos are gorgeous ! Your talent as a photographer unfolds with each and every one of your photos. You are becoming more and more better at it !
    Daisies are among my favourite flowers, I love their simplicity.
    Through your macro lens, the buttons really look like pearls and vintage pins. It’s so beautiful ! Keep shooting !

    • ooo thank you Joceylne! You make me happy! I was thinking of you when I got that “vintage” look. I was thinking…I hope Joceylne sees this! 😉 I wasn’t sure if it really did look vintage…but now with your lovely approval, I’m feeling great!

  4. Gee, what gorgeous shots, JJ. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers and your pictures were intriguing. Great work with the photo shop.

  5. Wonderful photos and one of the best flowers I know. You explained them so beautifully, too. Certain flowers, including te daisy, always seem to be willing people to smile. It usually works, too. 🙂

    Great post!

    • lol….I was astonished too. But it was the only one I felt “fit”. I wanted to skip it at first. But then I came back to it after too many “haths and williths, sayith, doiths”.. I wanted something more modern. But Drew Barrymore? lol

  6. Are some of the daisies blue or is it just the lighting? You’ve posted some absolutely gorgeous BLUE flower types that amaze me. The blue ones, especially, are breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    • Thanks…the daisies are another flower of which I took scads of photos! I love the texture, the way the petals can look like cloth…etc.

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