Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI.

The glass portion of the building at Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Last week, with our summer-like weather, we decided to visit Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.   It’s not far from us and offers many different kinds of activities for all ages.  Among other things, there is a wonderful indoor Butterfly Garden.  If you live close, the butterfly exhibit will be open until April 30.  They have boardwalks that extend around the perimeter of the property, which is bordered by a wetland.  There is a beautiful children’s area, with brightly colored sculptures.  There are trails specifically for shade plants, deciduous trees and more.  Indoors they have a large area for art/sculpture exhibits.  We saw Chihuly there many years ago, which was a treat.

Frederik (Fred) Meijer is most known for his connection with Meijer Food Stores, which began when he and his father, Henrik Meijer, started the first store outside of Grand Rapids in 1934.  Meijer has grown over the years and expanded outside of Michigan, to include  Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.  In all these years, the philosophy that Henrik Meijer began his business with has never changed: “meeting the needs of our customers, team members and the communities we serve.” **

Now on with our tour of Frederik Meijer Gardens!

Morpho Peleides, the beautiful deep blue butterfly, opened his wings for me. That doesn't happen often, so I was very excited to get a photo!

I have such a feeling of peace and serenity whenever I am among the butterflies. They flutter softly around, sometimes landing on people. They are so colorful, gentle and silent. I could observe them all day!

LOOK what I found! A Pale Blue miniature Snow Iris! What a delicate color! I'll have to plant these!

Several ponds dot the acreage. This one borders the building.

Red berries border the wetland area on a section of the perimeter boardwalk.

The wetland area where I observed a Mallard Duck cruising along. Then two Canada Geese made a splash-landing right in front of me!

Thanks for traveling with me to Grand Rapids, MI !
For more information about Frederik Meijer Gardens, click HERE.
To learn more about Meijer Grocery Stores, click HERE.

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40 thoughts on “Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI.

    • thank you vivbao! The butterflies alight often on the tropical plants in the “garden room”, so it’s much easier to take a photo there than outside!

  1. Were butterflies flying around everywhere? That’s how I picture butterfly gardens, complete with butterflies landing all over me. I’ll have to get to MI in the spring sometime and go there. Love the pale blue miniature snow iris too.

    • They just kind of float softly and fly slowly. Very peaceful! Yes they are everywhere in this room/garden. I’d google Butterfly Gardens and see if there’s one near you. It seems like they are popping up everywhere nowadays. But if MI is close…then come on! 😉

      • Sounds great – I’ll have to find one! We usually go to Michigan later in the year to visit family so just might be able to get to that one too. In the meantime, I’ll dream about butterfiles surrounding and landing on me. 🙂

      • Good idea, Sheila! It’s very soothing to me also. Hope you can make it. And have one land on you! 😉
        Another blogger was asking me why they are only open for butterflies until April 30th. And I have no idea. That’s the way it’s always been. I’ll have to investigate.

  2. Your photographs are stunning! I love the Iris….it makes me want to go play in the dirt and start planting. We get so caught up in fascinating adventures around the world, but there are so many gorgeous destinations right in our own backyards!

    What a wonderful garden and beautiful post.


    • Thank you, Elisa! (I’m ready to go on another overseas adventure, though!) But you are right…there’s so much to see in our own states, and in our beautiful country.

  3. It sounds like a magical place to visit – wish I could go… Your pictures are beautiful! The blue butterfly is so pretty and I love the snow irises. I would’ve loved to plant some, but I doubt they are available around here. (Going to find out anyway!) 🙂

  4. Last week was one of the best weeks for photography and this series proves it. Great series, lines and the water/lake is wonderful.

  5. Wow, the blue iris is amazing. I really love every photo. Why do they close the butterfly room in the summer? Judy

    • Thanks, Judy!
      Ummm, I have no idea why they only have butterflies until April 30. They do have butterfly chrysalids there, so you can see the stages of developing butterflies. It could be that when they finish with the number of caterpillar larvae/chrysalids/butterflies…then they close.
      Or I’m wondering if the glass domed area gets too hot for the butterflies in the summer.
      I’ll have to investigate. I know other places have them longer.

  6. I enjoy visiting Butterfly Gardens. The ones that are there are unseen unless at a location like that. Your photos depict every one with such clarity and and intense color; especially, the Blue Iris. they are a magnifucent flower. I truly love them; second to my orchids. Did you use your regular lens for these???? If so, you are doing a fine job. Forget the macro lens. You get real good close ups.
    Thanks for sharing …

    • Hi Isadora,
      I used my 70mm macro lens for all of these. Thank you for your kind words. The butterflies here are from tropical areas, none are indigenous
      to Michigan, you are right. Have a great weekend!

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