Bloomin’ Blues!

The Blues are here!  The miniature Blue Snow Iris just bloomed today.  My last post showed the miniature Purple Snow Iris.   Our temperatures reached 80 today and buds were popping open everywhere.

Here are a few photos of our Early Spring…… 

mini Blue Snow Iris

I love that blue color!!!

Pink Viburnum...blooming about 6 weeks early.

Daffodils almost ready to pop!

A chorus of Blues~

Where flowers bloom, so does Hope.   ~Lady Bird Johnson

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56 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Blues!

  1. Beautiful flowers, with striking colours Judy. I love the detail in your “pink viburnum” shot; and your daytime temperature is already hotter than a hot summer day in Scotland.

    • Thank you for your comments, Jim. The weather is amazing, really. This is late May-June weather for us! 😉 We went from 40F to the 70-80’sF!

  2. that’s a very nice blue bundle
    looking ready to fly off at command
    i just adore the core of the iris
    what a lovely intricate pattern
    with a lovely orange “tongue”
    the petals looks so delicate – yet so proud

    lovely photos Judy 🙂
    i can’t wait to see the daffodils pop

    • Thank you, Amira. I feel the same as you do…I love the “tongue” and the patterns.
      I went to a lovely garden today…and I found some pale blue Snow Iris! So stay tuned…I’ll post them soon! 😉
      But the deep blue color here just knocks me out! I love it!

    • Thank you, Margie. Seems like you posted photos long before I did, of some green shoots! But oh, this weather is divine! We went to Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids today. Or rather I did and dj went to the Apple Store in the mall. I love the gardens and the butterfly exhibit. Have you been there? I’ll be posting some photos soon. It was a great day for a hike with a camera! Happy Friday to you!

    • These are miniature Snow Iris…not the tall regular Iris. These arrive about the same time as crocuses. I did notice our regular “Flags” or Iris have shoots about 4″ tall. I was shocked! They normally bloom at the end of May! Thank you….I love this blue too!

  3. We still have patches of snow here and there. I am not ready for 8o degrees. Your photos/flowers are so beautiful 🙂 Judy

    • Thank you, Judy. I do appreciate your kind words!
      The last of the snow left about 10 days ago. We went from 40F to 70F in a day. I am ill prepared to make adjustments that fast! Then we hit 80F the next day! I was very hot! 😉

    • I love Spring and the awakening of every plant, flower, tree….all flora and fauna. (exception: bugs!) It’s such fun to walk around the yard and through the woods to see what is new. I do favor that blue too! So intense!

    • I actually got HOT, Sheila!! I can’t adapt quickly from 40F to 80F!! But it’s been lovely really. They are now saying we’ll have these temps for at least 10 days. I’m not complaining! 😉 Thanks….the blues are my fave!

  4. HI Judy! Put those spectacular Blue Iris on my facebook page and spread the love around. Thanks for posting and sharing these beautiful flowers. Where are you located? We have daffodils blooming here in Northern Virginia but Iris won’t come for a month at least. 🙂

    • Hi clarbojahn, I’m from Michigan. We’re having a very unusual long warm spell. (about 2 wks) These are mini Snow Iris. They are like crocuses and come very early, right in the midst of snow even. The regular irises you are talking about bloom here at the end of May. Although ours have 4″ shoots right now and look like they will bloom earlier than usual. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Isn’t it crazy? The viburnum is an early May bloomer. The daffys are usually not ready to bloom in March! The Mini Snow Iris blooms about this time. It will bloom through snow. The regular Tall Irises have about 4″ of green showing. They don’t usually bloom till the end of May.
      Our maple tree just popped today….full of red blooms. It’s unreal. I hope Mom nature doesn’t have anything up her sleeve for us…. 😉
      Thank you Sandy!

    • Isn’t that blue amazing? I love the blues too! Yesterday I visited a garden and found some pale blue snow iris. I’ll post soon! Thanks, zelmare!

  5. Lovely flowers and shots! Thank you for sharing, Judy! Sorry, am not in a good state lately, and I won’t be catching up as usual. I am still very mad about what happened to that poor girl. It’s just not fair!

    • I understand, Elyas. I’m not much of a chatter right now either. Between Alem and a friend here…I’m pretty down myself. Thanks for stopping by….I understand. hugs to you.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful ! The colour is so vibrant, I got to have this iris and the purple one too ! Another very nice set of photos Judy !

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