Spring’s Purple Frenzy!

Purple Snow Iris...

I should name this post: The Dance of the Purple Snow Iris, for the tiny flowers sway and shudder in the slightest breeze.  It makes it very hard to get a sharp image of them!
I found the setting sun in perfect alignment with the irises this evening, so I had fun trying to capture the evening light through the petals.
They may not be purple, but we have a few very early Viburnum buds that have opened into their second stage of growth.
We are enjoying temperatures in the 60-70F range this week.  An early gift of spring….but what could April bring??? 😉

Bread feeds the body indeed, but the flowers also feed the soul.
–  The Koran

Snow Iris petals backlit by the setting sun.

Snow Iris.

A viburnum bud that has opened into the pre-flower stage. This usually happens in early May.


Thanks for visiting my garden.  Come back again!


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41 thoughts on “Spring’s Purple Frenzy!

  1. OH-MY-GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! These photos are incredibly beautiful ! And I love the soft colours in the last one.

    • Thank you, Amira! I love that color, too!
      Usually bulbs needs cold “storage” in a dark place (underground in winter) or in a refrigerator for several months. Then it will bloom outside, or if you have stored it in a refrigerator, you bring it out, put it in gravel, water it and it blooms. Maybe that’s the way you can have them in Maldives…by “forcing bulbs” indoors. It’s a thought! 😉

      • that sure is a thought. one I would love to try someday.
        i guess I’d need to find some bulbs to experiment on 🙂

      • That’s true. Forgot about that! Seed/flower catalogues sell them and the internet has directions on “Forcing Bulbs”. Actually you can order a ready-made kit from different companies that arrive in time for blooming in your home…so they are all set to go. All you do is water and watch! That would be the easiest! I’ll see if I can find a link.

  2. I love how the velvety texture really came through and the purple snow iris is so beautiful. Thank you for touring us through your garden! 🙂 Daffodils just started to come up here but nothing else so far.

    • Oh my, Vivian! What an honor….thank you so much! I am humbled and appreciative of your lovely gifts. It may take me a while to get them out. I don’t seem to have the time I did when I started blogging! But I do accept them with deep gratitude and thank you for your kindness.

  3. This is by far the most colorful photo’s I’ve seen today. Are these in your garden???
    I would love to grow something like these but my orchids would be soooo jealous. LOLOL
    Isn’t Mother Nature grand??? Giving you a special taste of the creations she and God have put together for your Easter, early.

    • Yes, Isadora….I have about 4 small clumps of these mini Snow Irises. Three are purple and one is blue. I’m sure they aren’t for your tropical area! Like most bulbs that need cold, dark months….it probably wouldn’t work. So your Orchids are safe! 😉

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