Time in a Bottle

I have two wonderful antique bottles which I treasure.  My uncle gave them to my mother years ago.  He’s a great antique bottle collector.
One is green and has the date 1852 on it.  It was used to treat jaundice.
The other bottle is clear and has a rounded bottom with no date, but a search finds that this style of bottle was called a “torpedo or egg” bottle, patented in 1809, by William Hamilton of Dublin.  A wooden stand was made for my mother to keep it upright and prevent rolling.  This kind of bottle was popular because the shape kept the contents in contact with the cork, it was easy to pack in crates, and because the opened bottle was hard to set down, customers drank faster and ordered more!*

The photo I took has a third bottle, because I like groupings of odd numbers.  That bottle has an interesting shape but is not antique!

TIME IN A BOTTLE……would you say there is time in these bottles?  
  We know the green bottle has 160 years of time in it…..what stories it could tell!  It was used to help people feel better; used as a tonic for illness.  This bottle, which looks as if it holds about 20 ounces, may have remained on a shelf for a long time before it was emptied.
The round bottle could have almost as many years.  Think about time on the shelf, in someone’s hands, jokes and stories being told, as they sat around an old kitchen table.  Or maybe the singing of old Irish songs as the bottles rolled on the table!  Perhaps it was saved for a special occasion, too.  Time.  A long time ago.

I had a little fun and played on PhotoShop Elements with the second photo.  I’ve never done that before.

“Time in a Bottle”….I love the song by Jim Croce….if you’d like to listen, the link is below the photos.

Antique bottles: clear lying down and green.

Bottles...after playing on PhotoShop Elements.

“Time in a Bottle” video by Jim Croce…click here.

*Credit for round bottle research..http://www.antiquebottles.com/glossary.html

Thanks for viewing!

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35 thoughts on “Time in a Bottle

  1. As student I had a few old bottles and treasured them (my then boyfriend picked one up somewhere, can’t remember where). They’ve gone missing in the meantime. 😦 There is definitely some element of time connected to your bottles – isn’t it fun to try and guess/imagine where they’ve been and who has used them. Would be nice if one could really keep time under cork.. 🙂 Love your pictures!!

    • Ah, yes, beautiful song…and unfortunately that’s all we have of him (Photographs & Memories), plus his music. So sad to lose some of our greatest singers at an early age. Another favorite is “I’ll Have to Say I Love You”. Sweet ballad. Madhu, we’ve been walking down memory lane! 😉 Thanks for your comment!

  2. I love the second photo. Is it with your macro???
    I like the play of light on the first photo,too.
    I have some anitque bottles. I don’t collect them.
    I use thme to make flavored olive oils or vinegar.
    I have always been fascinated my colored glass.
    I just don’t collect anything unless I can use it.
    I dislike clutter. UGH … can be a flaw at times …
    but cleaning is easier. ~~~~~ : – )

    P.S. I just looked up and realized I had written
    this in poetic form. LOLOL

    • I noticed that when I saw your comment…how lovely to comment in poetic form! Amira has done that and it encouraged me to do it a few times.
      I am fascinated by the shapes of vases and bottles, but I’m like you…I do have to restrain myself! I love flavored oils/vinegars and promise myself I’m going to do them for the holidays! I’m not sure if I used my macro on the bottles! I’d have to look it up! 😉

    • Hi Isadora… both bottle photos were the same shot. I used my regular lens: 18-135mm, and if I can remember correctly, I was a distance away and zoomed in on them so I could blur the background.

  3. I love the reflections, colors and designs that glass picks up when it’s photographed…it almost takes a life of its own. Your pictures are lovely! I also like thinking about Jim Croce, an old favorite…


  4. Yes, I say there is time in the bottle! 🙂 An awesome tribute Judy! Love the pics as well as the added background info. You have so much family treasure that make great stories and I am glad you share with us. 🙂

  5. I love how, with a single photo and , more importantly with your words, you took me back in time. I was really seeing men singing old Irish songs and I also saw women’s in their long dresses and beautiful laced boots !
    I love vintage bottles, I have a few I bought 3 weeks ago from Etsy. My favourites are pale green and amber coloured ones.
    I like how the photo turned out with Photoshop ! It’s very artistic and it has a vintage feel to it.

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