Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Landscape

The top of the Keweenaw Peninsula allows one a broad view.  The landscape of  undulating hills,  ponds, fir and deciduous forests,  and the coastline seems to go on forever in its beauty.   In addition, Lake Superior’s vastness adds to the feeling that one can see forever.

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show.  ~Andrew Wyeth

Fall begins on the Keweenaw Peninsula's landscape.

Thanks for viewing my landscape….


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45 thoughts on “Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post: Landscape

    • Hi Zelmare…we live about 11 hours from this place, even though it’s still in our same state! This was my first visit to the Keweenaw. Thank you…it is a very beautiful place…I agree! 😉

    • Thank you, Sheila! No…we drove! The Keweenaw Peninsula is really beautiful. We drove from Copper Harbor up to this area.
      It was my first visit to the Keweenaw.

  1. Michigan is such a gorgeous state. Aren’t we lucky to live here? Btw, where do you live Judy? Somehow I lost track of you and I don’t think we ever discussed that. I leave near Maple and Telegraph in Bloomfield Township. Thanks for stopping by my place and letting me know you were there!

    • I live in Charlotte, about 26 miles SW of Lansing. We moved to Detroit when I was 14, living in the city, near Southfield and Schoolcraft.
      Yes, we are very lucky to live in such a spectacular state, with so much beauty all around us. Have a great trip to NYC! I’m envious! I was born and raised in upstate NY…and have never been to the Big Apple! It’s on my bucket list!! 😉

  2. What can be more breathtakingly perfect than this? Just a vast stretch of beautiful and inspiring landscape. The Ocean view is my favorite…gave me a sense of excitement that soon my bare feet would be walking on my homelands white , powdery sands….Have a wonderful day. Thank you for today’s inspiration.

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