Too early!

  Even though the Dwarf Snow Iris is an early spring bloomer, February is far too early for it to bloom in the north!


February is much too early even for the classy Snow Iris,
Who often blooms amidst pockets of snow.
But this year has been different.
She slept soundly under the snow blanket
During the sub zero weather and the freezing
Temperatures that sent subliminal messages
Telling her to stay low, it’s not time yet.
But then something curious happened.
The sun began to shine more often
Than is usual in these parts during
The cold winters.
The sun warmed the earth and sent
A message to the Snow Iris that it was time
To awaken, and start the struggle to emerge.
When she finally made it to the surface,
Exhausted, what was there to greet her?
It was none other than wind, rain, snow
And freezing temperatures!
Now, what was the Snow Iris to do?
She is not one to balk, wilt or give up.
She stands tall against the message
That came too early.
Giving us all Hope that we, too, can
Weather the storms of life.





Good night friends….


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22 thoughts on “Too early!

    • I know, poor little souls. They say that in the larger cities the robins don’t even leave anymore….because it is warmer within the city.
      I don’t live in a city so we still call it spring when we see the first robin!

  1. Too early? Definitely! 🙂

    Seriously, I feel am already in mid-spring here! 🙂 Something def has shifted this year.

    And what a beautiful poem Judy! 🙂 Very uplifting and comforting! 🙂 Hope is what we need as humans.

    • Thank you, Elyas! And thank you again. I was just typing the “poem” as it came to me and got worried. oh oh! This is getting long, and how am I going to end it?
      Hope. Yes….there will always be Hope.
      Spring in NYC..indeed. I recently saw some photos of Central Park where things were blooming! It was amazing! Currently we are under a Storm Warning for 5″-10″ of heavy, wet snow…starting around 8pm and continuing through Friday noon, as the winds pick up. I guess it doesn’t sound like Spring for me yet. But….there’s Hope within this storm. I’m hoping I get enough snow for x-country skiing and snowshoeing…since I haven’t done them yet this year!! 😉

    • Yes, er…well it’s supposed to, right? lol
      We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning with 5″-10″ of wet, heavy snow arriving tonight through Friday noon, with winds picking up. Soooo, I guess Spring has been put aside for a few days here. But, Hopefully, it will give me time to get the snowshoes and skis out! There’s always some good in a storm! (besides getting to hunker down with a book and a cup of cocoa!) Thanks for commenting, Isadora!

    • I could never match that creativity of yours! You are amazing. I just love this! An entire story in 13 words.
      Lovely. I thank you, my dear friend. I’m so glad we met.

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