Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Spammed.

Okay everyone…..on the count of 3, check your Spam folders!   One, two, three…….

Did you find any of your blog friend’s comments in there?  Lately this has been happening to many people.  We are unsure why and it would be nice if it stopped.

Until then, keep checking your Spam folder…….and let your blog friends out!

Have you noticed blog friend’s comments in your Spam folder?   Comment below if you have.
If anyone knows how friend’s blog comments are ending up in Spam,  or how to stop it, please comment.

***ATTENTION…we have an answer:  write to  (see below) and fill out their form.  REAL BLOG COMMENTS will stay in your comment area within a few days after filling out the form according to  blog friends who did this.   Thanks to Chris & Cee for the information.

write to and fill out their form.


I’m going to write “WP Support” about it.  If I find out a solution, I’ll let you know.

33 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Spammed.

    • Yes….I know that, nenskel. But it’s our blog friends who are ending up in the spam. I dump the REAL spam as fast as I can! I just found out what some other bloggers have done to keep real bloggers out of the spam folder. So I’ll try that. Yeah, unfortunately the ucky spammers will keep trying! 😉 Thanks!

      • WP has a problem 😛 LOL my friend tried many times to comment on my posts, she even got mad at me cos I won’t approve those. I always checking up my spam folder then found her comments there since then, she stops commenting! LOL
        WP has a problem! LOL

      • Yes there is a problem, nenskel, but the solution is in my post now! I added the solution earlier tonight. You can read the solution in RED on my post. I filled out the form on Akismet and hopefully it will be solved. Thanks for commenting! 😉

  1. Oh Judy, I have had similar problems!!! Before I used to delete spams without even checking, but one day I just got curious, and I checked, and to my surprise I found many genuine comments stuck in there! I couldn’t understand. Ever since that incident, I have been checking the spam list before emptying it. I have also noticed that some of my comments to bloggers have gone to their spam lists. And I had to write them again letting them know that my earlier comments are buried in the spam section.

    I think the problem arises from the fact that spammers (both humans and non humans, often programmed computers) are getting more sophisticated, going beyond the scope of the spam blocker, some of them really appear so genuine that I sometimes almost fall for them, what saves me is that I look at their link and emails; you will know when a comment is from a genuine blogger, or a person, by looking at their emails or website links, you can easily tell. And because these spammers are getting smarter, the wordpress software I think mistakenly adds some of the genuine comments to the spam list, especially if they include links from other websites, or repeat names or words that spammers often use.

    That is my understanding and my solution for the spam issue. 🙂 I will check in here to see if you get a sound response from the wordpress team. 🙂 Thank you for bringing it up!

    • You’re welcome, Elyas. My solution should show up on my post now. I edited the post to add the solution earlier this evening. I’ll check to see if it shows.
      What Chris D. and Cee did was to go to and fill out their form. It took a couple of days, but now it doesn’t happen anymore.
      (I made a link on my post in red). I may not have spelled Akismet correctly here!

      • BTW…Elyas….I totally agree with you about the spammers getting very savvy and sophisticated. I usually have no trouble separating them from my “real” blog “friends”….but they are pretty sneaky. They really just want their website to get exposure! But I’m not falling for it. 😉

  2. I found a couple of genuine comments in my spam box some time back. ever since I make sure I check the spam now and then just in case.
    And Elyas is right even the spams are getting so sophisticated that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart 🙂
    and some spams are so humerous that I sometimes am tempted to approve them just for the heck of it 🙂

    I think the trick is to remove friends from the spam so that the spam filter can understand that that is a genuine blogger.

    • Right, Amira, I agree with you. Did you see the update in my post? I wrote and hopefully they will solve this for me. I hope others will make use of it too. It’s not fun to miss someone’s comment! thanks for your thoughts!

      • I have over the years, and sometimes they are ones that normally come through just fine, That I don’t understand!

      • Sandy…it makes no sense to me either. It just started happening to me a few weeks ago. But, I filled out the form at and I’m hoping, like Chris D and Cee…that genuine bloggers will stop going into Spam! Fingers crossed! 😉

    • Yes, Jake is having problems, too. So I gave him the link that Chris said you both used. This just started a few weeks ago for me. It’s relatively new. Thanks for your help, Cee!

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  4. It’s fairly common in blog land and I even wrote a couple of posts about it. In addition to Akismet, others have to unspam your posts.It is a nuisance but gets resolved in a few days.

    • I wrote Askimet….but keep checking my spam! It’s been much better since I wrote them. Fingers crossed! I don’t know what you mean by “others have to unspam my posts?” hmmmm….

      • When your comments are flagged as spam in Akismet, all your comments end up in people’s spam box. They have to go there and unspam your comments on their posts… I meant to say others have to unspam your comments. 😉

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