Sunday Challenge Post: Colorful

This colorful stained glass window is from Sainte Chapelle in Paris.  Sainte Chapelle was built inside the Royal Palace on the Isle de Cité.   The date of completion of this beautiful church is estimated at 1248.   


This photo is for the 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post.  If you are interested in doing this photo/writing/creative works challenge, go to jakesprinter to sign up.   By signing up, you will receive the weekly emails telling you the new Sunday  challenge “word”!  Join us!

Good evening all!


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30 thoughts on “Sunday Challenge Post: Colorful

  1. Sainte Chapelle is one of my very best favorite places to visit in Paris. The colors are magnificent regardless of the direction of the sun at different times of day.

    • Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t remember that date, so I looked it up. Of course, since that time it’s suffered fires, destruction from wars, etc. I think one wing was completely destroyed at one time…but not the entire church.

  2. I love Sainte Chapelle, it reminds me of an exquisite jewel box. Your photograph of one of it’s stained glass windows is beautiful. It still amazes me that they removed every window during the Second World War!

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