Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

This week’s photo challenge is DOWN!  
My photo was taken in Glacier National Park at Logan Pass, looking toward the Garden Wall.  The Garden Wall is the rock spine that separates the Many Glacier region from the Lake McDonald valley in the park.   

Looking DOWN the rocky mountains of the Garden Wall, you can see the famous Going To The Sun Road, cut into the rock,  as it winds around the mountains,  very high above the ground!  (light brown line) The road crosses the park from east to west.   If you squint you might be able to see a car DOWN there!  (much more apparent in my full sized image)

At Logan Pass with pink and yellow wildflowers, looking toward the garden wall (mountains).  Looking DOWN you can see the tan colored Going To The Sun Road.

For more information on Glacier National Park, click here.

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47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

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    • Bindu….I didn’t realize it until I had posted, but it’s only viewable in my original photo, which is far too large to post here. I feel bad for telling people to look…but there really IS a car down there…we just can’t see it in the small photo. 😉 Thanks for your compliment!
      I do love that area.

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  3. The purplish pink and green in the foreground;
    the green, grey, & white in the background;
    the meandering mountain ranges
    as far as the eye can see;
    the slopes splashed with white patches here and there;
    the spiraling roads around the mountains peaks.
    All are sights that I crave to see;
    the cool weather I love to feel on my skin;
    the green in the air I like to smell.

    That image has evoked such nostalgia in this
    ocean-minded me.
    Oh lord, give me the mountains
    or take me there, I pray 🙂

    That image is just awesome judy 😀

    • Amira! I want to keep your poem near me! It’s just outstanding! The fact that you can sit down and write a beautiful piece like this so quickly is amazing.
      You described the mountains so well. I do hope you can feel the coolness of the air and the feeling of the mountains some day. It’s the opposite of your gorgeous turquoise waters, sandy beaches and warm tropical breezes. It’s the opposite of where I live too: a flat, agricultural land, 600′ above sea level. That’s why I like to be there….it’s so different from my region too. Thank you again, Amira!

  4. Judy I love this photo, and just as we head out of winter here in Chicago. I also have not had the opportunity to visit the Mountains in my life time. How lovely to see this.

    • Thank you, Jackie! You’re heading out of winter in Chicago? You’re only 3.5 hours from me. Does that mean I’m next? 😉 I’m sure you’ll get to Glacier someday. One of the reasons we went back (after going in ’75) is because they are losing so many glaciers due to global warming. So incredibly sad, and a good reason to go soon!

      • Thanks Judy that was a problem now in my site either not appearing instantly its going to spam box of user how i can make this ? If it will happen again and again this situation make me sick ..

      • I don’t know how to fix it. But you aren’t the only one. I’ve had about 4 bloggers end up in spam. Not all yours do, just a few have. Most of yours go right into comments. (this one was there just now) It really bugs me too.

      • I`ll check all my categories and tags I don`t know if there`s a connection about comment status


  6. We take a motorcycle trip through this park every few years. The road is not for the faint of heart – very narrow with sheer drop offs on the one side!

    • Yikes Margie! I’m not comfortable in some places in a car on GTTS road! Although it must be fun to go through the “car wash” water fall area on a motorcycle! I’m very aware of the drop-offs! In my opinion the WPA did not place enough of those short stone “guard rails”! Too many places without them. 🙂

  7. This photo is a pure beauty ! How marvelous to look at these mountains. I love the colours… the beige, the different shades of greens, the pink, the white and the grey of the clouds, altogether it makes a stunning photo.

    • Thank you so much, Jocelyne! I do love that photo….loved being there. But I don’t like to LOOK down from the very edge of the world! From a distance is fine with me. 😉

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