Hello Valentine! ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  I have a vintage Valentine for you today….my very favorite kind!

This heart locket belonged to my mom and I treasure it.


My mom and dad, c. 1941.

Double hearts.....

Dedicating this post to my beautiful, kind, loving mother…
Celebrating a life full of love, laughter and dedication to her family,
She lit up a room when she crossed the threshold.
Her laugh was infectious and her sense of humor unparalleled,
She could toss a pun quicker than the a blink of an eye.
Giving to others, and finding beauty in every person
Were the tenets of her life,
Which we, her children and grandchildren, strive to emulate.


~February 14, 2011  ❤

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28 thoughts on “Hello Valentine! ❤

    • Oh Karen…you made my day! I always wanted to look like mom, but never felt I made it. 😉 I do want to have her inner “beauty”…working on that!! Thank you for your comment!

    • Amira….you are so dear. Thank you. Ever since I’ve been a child, I’ve wanted to be just like mom. I was always painfully shy, and she’d encourage me (give me a little push!!!) to go meet children at campgrounds or parks….she was so outgoing! But I learned from her and I know that encouragement helped me grow. She was a beauty inside and out, just like you. We were very close. I miss her terribly, but will carry her in my heart forever. ❤

  1. Her smile was indeed infectious and she had the best laugh in the world! Will always have a special place in my hear for your great Mom.

    • I know you will, Gailsey….as I have a special place for your parents, too. We’ve been friends for too long for that not to happen. 😉
      Thank you so much for being “here” today. It means a lot. ❤

  2. What a beautiful and romantic post. I love that locket and I think you do look like your mother. Happy Valentines Day 🙂

  3. I must agree with the others, you have a beautiful resemblance to your Mother.
    It looks like your Mother built a foundation of strength in you. We can’t see it
    in ourselves but other can. I can from your words to her. She will always be a part of you and forever in your heart.
    Happy Valentine’s Day ….!!!! xoxox

    • oh Isadora…you touched my heart with your sweet words. Thank you so much. I am selfish..I miss her! She lived a long (91 yrs) happy life until ALZ took over (but still good times too then)…and that was the hard part. But we were 1 mile apart when she was ill and that was a special time for us. Even though she was ill, I will treasure being close to her then. Thank you again. xoxo (sorry..internet was down yesterday)

  4. Thats really sweet! 🙂 I love the Double Hearts necklace! True love! 😉 And am glad that you passing on the tradition, and it is even overflowing to reach your blog buddies! 😀 I am glad to know more about your family! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    • Thank you Elyas. I was getting rather emotional as Mom died on Valentine’s Day last year….and as the day approached, I had up and down moments. Thank you so much for your words…my parents were true loves. Thank you for the compliment my friend…I’m glad if it made people smile! 😉

  5. Loved this post! Your mother looks so beautiful! I am sure you’ve inherited quite a bit of her qualities.
    The words touched me greatly. I can understand how much you treasure that locket. Valentine’s Day wishes (belated) to you, Judy!

    • Thank you for your very sweet comments, Bindu.
      She was beautiful inside and out, just like you.
      I was a bit emotional as the day approached…but I know she is healthy again. It’s just me! I miss her.
      Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you, Bindu…

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