The “Blue Hour” Means a Jazzy Sky~

**(Plus I have 2 macro shots from 3 hours of practice today!)**

First, let’s talk about that smooooth,  Bluesy Sky.    The time right after the sun sinks below the horizon, and just before the sun rises is called the “Blue Hour”.   If you have a clear night, you can get some great photos with that wonderful deep blue sky.  Clear nights don’t happen often in winter in my area of the Great Lakes, so I’ve been taking advantage of some recent cloud-free ones!




Just at the horizon is a line of light from the setting sun.  Here is a link for “Blue Hour” photography.  They have all kinds of information in their tutorial.   They even have a world map that tells exactly when your particular “Blue Hour” times are for your area.  So you don’t have to do any fancy math!
Click here.

Here are two macro shots from today.  Thank you to kerry129 for all your help.  I did try your tips!  And thank you  Jim for giving me the link.  I appreciate your knowledgeable assistance, guys!

window knob

I hope you could open a window with this size knob!!  It looks rather large here! 😉

Eiffel Tower

The difference between this Eiffel Tower and the real one,  is that this one obviously needs to be dusted!  Once again, try macro photography and be surprised by what you see!  I see lots of dust! 😉


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16 thoughts on “The “Blue Hour” Means a Jazzy Sky~

    • Thanks arun….but I’m short on flowers in winter! 😉 Honestly, I was going to buy some at the store today. I agree. I love taking photos of flowers! Thanks for your nice comments!

    • Ok, I’m back!! I went to your site and saw your Blue Moment photos. They are gorgeous! I love the skies as a backdrop to the heavy looking stone castle. very nice work! 😉 Thanks for the link! Have a good day, Sartenada!

    • Thanks! Perhaps the city lights or tall buildings prevent you from seeing Jupiter or Venus. I think both planets are the brightest in the sky at this time. They will appear as very bright stars in the southwestern sky right now. Maybe if you can get away from the bright lights and look in the SW sky you can see them! Maybe Central Park??? No binoculars needed!

  1. The photos of the blue hour are beautiful ! I just love that blue hour, I am always amazed by it’s rich, deep blue colour. Did you set your camera on a tripod to take these pictures ? Your macro shots are very well done, I like the Eiffel Tower even if it’s dusty ! 😉

    • haha…I think the Eiffel Tower needs a bath! Thanks…I love that blue too…it reminds me of Renaissance paintings where they used that beautiful shade. I did use a tripod because I set my shutter speed for a long period and there’s a good chance for “movement” in that amount of time. I set it for 2 seconds and 4 seconds, but remember, I’m learning…so I’m playing with my numbers!! I also used a tripod for my macro shots, because I can’t hold the camera still for close-up shots. Thanks, Jocelyne!

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