Weekly Photo Challenge: Random

Since there was no official WordPress Photo Challenge this week, several of us are doing our own.  I followed Maggie’s path and did RANDOM.  Random can mean scattered, as in these scattered leaves from fall.

Scattered Leaves

I sit in the warm fall sun,
The wind whirling about me.
My face is upturned to
Feel the warmth
Of the rays on my face.
I welcome the sunshine
After so many days of rain.
The wind caresses and tickles,
Blowing my hair askew.
It sends leaves scattering
In a vortex of color
Around me,
And I am dazzled by
Their beauty.


All text and images are copyright © 2002-2012 and are the exclusive property of Judy Johnson (unless otherwise indicated). All Rights Reserved. All Images are protected under United States and International copyright laws. None of the images on this site are in the Public Domain.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Random

  1. lovely post Judy 🙂
    this makes me miss autumn and winter so very much.
    Three years passed since I experienced those lovely weathers.

    Nice words Judy 🙂
    I like the vortex of colour …

    • Yes…it is fun to see others’ ideas! Thank you for the inspiration, Maggie! I wanted to do something, but didn’t quite know what direction to go! You helped me!

  2. Hi Judy,
    I saw your comment on Margie’s post for ‘alone’ on her blog, Latebloomerbuds. Took her up on it and am participating with that one. So thought I would swing by here to see your take – and it is for ‘random’. Very clever interpretation.
     Lots of creativity, with bloggers creating their own challenges. What a great idea.

  3. Beautiful words Judy. Your photo brought back the marvelous smell of leaves in autumn, and your words had a calming effect on me 🙂

    • Maggie thought of it first, as the Daily Post hadn’t come out with one on Friday…so a bunch of us decided what topic to do! I copied Maggie!

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