Is it still winter in Michigan?  Sometimes we wonder!  The calendar tells us it is, but Mother Nature is playing some tricks on us!

We had two snowstorms last week that gave us about 5 inches of snow.  It has been bitterly cold, with nasty winds.  Our temperature has been between 9 degrees F to 30 degrees F, not counting the windchill.   Today our temperatures soared to about 45 F and our snow is gone!  The sun was out and there was a definite feeling of SPRING in the air!

Winter?  Where are you?

Here are some photos I’ve taken over the past few days:


In the photo above, you can see Porcupine Grass up close and personal.  The seed head/tassel caught a lot of snow in our last storm.



Once in awhile the male and female Cardinal will come to our feeder.  Usually they are ground feeders, or will eat from a flat tray-style bird feeder.  Here the female eats with a Titmouse during a windy snowstorm.  Actually my husband took this one when I was not at home.


I’m crazy about clouds!  I liked the look of these.  They looked very intense at first, and then they opened to show blue skies, while the sun rimmed the clouds with light.


I thought the colors of this sunset were lovely.  Pinks, oranges and blues splashed through the skies.
I liked having the spruce as a deep contrast on one side too.


Ahhhh love those berries/crab apples…whatever they are!   That spark of red is so vibrant and just about the only color we have left in the yard in this season!


Ending with the sunset, like a soft pastel chalk rendering in the Heavens.   It never ceases to amaze me….the colors that can be produced;  the tints and tones bouncing off clouds in the atmosphere.  Magical.

Have a great day!

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46 thoughts on “Winter?

    • Hi Cee…I know the NW can be like that as well as MI. Although we usually get snow instead of rain. We do love the sun when we get to see it! 😉 Thanks for visiting!

  1. I have been asking the same question! 😆 Winter where art thou??? 😀 Hmm remembering last year’s snowstorm, who though I would miss the snow like this? Crazy! … Seriously the gods must have gone crazy lately! lol

    Great entry Judy as always! 😀 Enjoyed it mucho! Lovely pictures!! All of them favorites!!

    • oooo I just remembered.. That same storm that got NYC hit Michigan when we were on our church mission trip in New Orleans. We got about 14″ here, but missed it. ;(

      • ooo… I wonder if that is the one that’s heading for Omaha right now! It may head by us and then to you!!! Our kids are scheduled to get 6-8″ of snow, after having 60 degrees earlier this week. Wow…60. We weren’t so lucky. We were in the mid-40’s again! Well party hearty until Momma Nature arrives!

  2. We are having a similar “problem” with unseasonably warm weather averaging in the 60’s. I call it a problem because of my not-so-good friends called seasonal allergies! I think a foot plus of snow in February is as nature intended, but I can only dream at this point….

    I loved your post and all of your photographs, especially the sweet cardinal couple!

    • Thank you, Fergimoto…I know what you mean about the flowers! My friend in GA was saying some of the azaleas are starting to bloom. That’s really early!

    • Hi Montucky….Thank you very much! Yes…our “winter” comes and goes with the temperatures! I’m really surprised that those of you out west haven’t had a lot of snow. This does not bode well for our rivers and Great Lakes…all across the country. We need that moisture!

  3. those are heavenly images Judy 🙂 the snow held by the porcupine is totally cool
    and the amazing sunset … I have set it up as my desktop image 🙂
    thanks 🙂

  4. You make winter look so beautiful. Great photos. In South Africa we don’t get snow (well once every 10 years). Our winters are really dull. Love the colours in your winter and the Porcupine grass and snow photo.

  5. Very beautiful pictures Judy ! I am like you, I adore clouds ! They make beautiful photos. I am so jealous… I only saw the cardinal twice in my backyard in 9 years… Those sunset photos are amazing, I really like the last one !

    • Thank you Jocelyne! We’ve been lucky to have a cardinal pair for several years. I’m not sure they’re the same ones….but I like to think so! Someone else who loves clouds! yay!

      • If they’re not the same there’s a good chance it could be their offspring. Did you know that cardinals return to their birthplace to reproduce ?

      • No…I didn’t know that! Very cool! So we could have the kids here. (or grandkids!) Thanks for my cardinal lesson of the day!

  6. I sure has been a bizarre winter in Michigan and everywhere else based on the comments I am seeing on my blog. These are beautiful captures Judy. I spend a lot of time looking up at the glorious skies. It is surprising my knees aren’t more scraped up from tripping, LOL! Margie

    • haha….I love that! Skinned knees indeed! We did get about 3″ of the white stuff the other day. The nice part of this winter…I’ll agree with you…have been the glorious skies and the sunsets. I’ve always said living with the “lake effect cloudiness” in winter here is like living under an overturned bowl of oatmeal! Glad this year is different with the clouds, but I do miss the snow.

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