“Berry” Wet

Hello everyone!

 I’m sure you’ve noticed I like taking photos of the ornamental tree fruit in our yard!  I call the fruit “berries”, because I’m not sure if they are Ornamental Crab or Cherry trees.

No matter what their official name is, the bright red color is a nice contrast to the browns and grays, as well as the backdrop of snow at this time of year.

By this time of year, our berry crop is becoming depleted as the deer find them very  tasty.

The photo I have today was taken after a recent snowfall, when temperatures had started to rise again.

Good night, all…


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38 thoughts on ““Berry” Wet

    • Ahh the wild turkeys…yes, we have them too, although they can’t reach these berries. But we don’t have as many as we did 10 years ago. Wondering if the coyotes have decreased their numbers?

  1. I love how you captured the moment where the water droplets were about to fell down the ground. It’s very dramatic. The red berries were focused so well blended with the blurry background you transformed with your camera. Wow. amazing! You’re brilliant to see things that are beautiful around you. Thanks and have fun!

      • lol @drawing the line.

        Poor deers, back in Maine they used to get hit by cars at night quite a lot. 😦 And one of them freaked me out one night when I was returning home from school!! It was so dark, around 12 am or 1 am, and the dude was just standing in the middle of the road, I was like what the heck is that! I see its full body, but I couldnt tell what it was, I could only see its silhouette … I was spooked, so I threw a stone out of desperation lol … and I saw it moving, and it went into the forest, gosh, I felt like seeing a ghost or something. I was too stupid, what if it was something else, throwing stone was such a bad idea!! lol But hey it was just going to stand there forever! lol So I had to do what I had to do to go home and sleep in peace. 😀

      • I can imagine what that must have done to you! That’s a good story of being fearless when faced with the great unknown. True bravery. I can’t imagine if the reverse was true and I came upon a hyena in the middle of the road in Ethiopia. In that case, I think I’d stay in my car….<would I have one? Deer get hit all the time at night here too. Thanks for sharing your story, Elyas!

      • You don’t wanna mess with the hyenas, Judy! LOL … Those are nasty, unfriendly animals unlike Deers. And I grew up listening to their scary voices and ugly cackles. The spotted hyenas are so common where I grew up. They ate our dog when I was little, I will never forgive them! 😦 And once when we (my family and I, I was little then) were coming back from an easter mass from church, around 3 or 4 in the morning, I saw the things moving parallel to us. And I thought they were dogs. lol And I told my dad and mom, look DOGs DOGs, and I started running towards them. Lol … and my dad immediately came behind me and snatched me back. “You idiot those aren’t dogs, those are Hyenas, stop running around or you will be their dinner/breakfast” … even if he didn’t say that the way he told me they were hyenas felt like it. lol … I was a curious little rascal. 😀

      • I think I’ve seen them on “National Geographic” and it was frightening. “Laugh” is a misnomer. Your story gave me the chills. I’m so sorry about your dog. That is incredibly sad to endure, especially for a child. Why am I not surprised that you “were” curious? I think you still are! But probably not a rascal anymore! 🙂

  2. Great photo and color, and you have found a niche for you… I am new to photo taking and learning as I go. And, my camera is not working on top of it all and it was new so I took it back…not sure what to do now.

    • oh no….that’s really tough. Are they fixing it, or you just returned it? Thanks for your nice comments and good luck with your camera. Let me know what your solutions is.

    • My friend, Nalaik Panda…thank you for your kind comments! If you want that fruit…you can have it. 😉 At least it’s better than the deer getting it!

    • Maggie…we are a lot alike! I just came in from a snowstorm…trying to catch snowflakes in the image. I’m still learning, so I’ve got far to go! If you are talking about catching a snowflake on a plate/glass…that’s something else I’ve been interested in! Keep me up to date on how you are doing with that!

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