Award Time!

I am hopelessly behind on giving out awards.   Here they come….  😉

Thank you so much, Amira, for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  I am so honored to be considered for this award.  And to have it come from you, is the icing on the cake, for you are a very Kreativ Blogger!  Thank you again!  If you do not know Amira’s blog: MindBlur, please click on her name and visit.  You will not be disappointed!
The Rule for the Kreativ Blogger Award is to tell 10 things about yourself.  Ten? 😉
1. I like to sketch and draw
2. I love anything vintage
3. Swimming is my sport
4. I like weight lifting better than cardio
5. I like to Zentangle
6. I love detail….I look for detail in everything, buildings, art, clothing, photos, nature, sky and clouds…..
7. I celebrate diversity and the inclusion of all people, no matter what race or creed
8. while I love to wear black (pleez, it’s slimming!)~ I adore color everywhere
9. laugher is my other sport  😉
10. I hope for Peace in the world……”give peace a chance~”
Name blogs that are deserving of the award….  and post the award on your blog.
Here are the names and links of the blogs I nominated to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award!  This is the hardest part for me. I love all the blogs I follow.  These blogs below are worthy of your time…check them out!  They are terrific!
Please check out these wonderful blogs above!
One Lovely Blog Award..…….   Thank you Dolly and Demonsking!  I am flattered that you think of my blog in this way!  I will strive to live up to this award.  If you have not checked out Dolly’s blog or demonsking’s blog, please click on their names and go there.  They have awesome blogs!
There are no rules for this Award.   All you need to do is accept or decline.  You can post the award on your blog.  If you see a blog that you feel is happy, helpful, insightful, cheerful, or lovely, you are welcome to give them this award.   Enjoy!


My nominee for One Lovely Blog Award is…


Congratulations livingoutmypurpose!  Check out her blog….she has great posts!



AWARD #3 The Candle Lighter Award….. 



Thank you so much, MJ, for nominating me for this wonderful award!   I am humbled that you chose me, and I will strive to keep the light burning brightly by being positive and making a good effort with my blog.  

There are no rules for this award.  All you have to do is accept or decline.   If you see a blog that is positive, brings light to the world and makes the world a better place…then you can give this award to them.
The recipients:
Congratulations to you!  Everyone…please check out these two blogs!  They are great photo blogs!
Congratulations to everyone!

27 thoughts on “Award Time!

    • Thank you so much, dolly.
      That’s one thing I didn’t do yet…let my award donors, like you, know that I’ve passed on the awards. I’m off to exercise…when I get back I’ll do that. Thanks again for your kindness in nominating me for the One Lovely Blog!

  1. OMG ! Thank you so much Judy ! It’s the very first award I receive and I am very honored. It’s so great to have a community of blogger friends and even better when one of them likes your blog enough to give it an award !
    Thank you again Judy, it means a lot to me and encourages me to continue !

    • Jocelyne, I’m so glad it made you happy! You deserve this award…you have a lovely blog that many people (including me!) enjoy. Your blog is well organized, fresh and inspiring! Congrats!

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    • dj says thank you Nalaik! You gave me the One Lovely Award to begin with! I’m glad you see I’m passing it on. I meant to send you a message I had done that! Thanks again! 😉

  3. Well done Judy! You’ve got a wonderful blog and are very deserving of these awards. Loved #9 on your list 🙂

    I’m so flattered that you have chosen to pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award to me. You are amazing!

    • Laura…thank you! You deserve this award with your very lovely blog! I always find such interesting information and goodies when I visit!
      (I had to go see what #9 was! Couldn’t remember! lol) Yes…laughter cures all! Congrats to you.. and bask in the adoration of your fellow bloggers!

  4. Congratulations on your recent nomination for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award. To accept the award, please visit and follow the HUG Award Guidelines at Please continue to let me know the names of persons and/or sites you nominate for this award by posting a comment on the HUG Award Guidelines page at May you be blessed as you continue the positive work you do for the good of all humanity.
    Blessings, Connie

    • Connie…Thank you very much. I am very humbled and honored to receive this wonderful award! Thank you for starting it! It’s one I will hold close to my heart, always. Blessings to you also…

  5. Thank you so much for awarding me the Candle Lighter’s Award, I’m really pleasantly surprised! I never though that my little photo blog would get so much attention! I will work my hardest to keep my blog a positive and joyful place to those who visit and i will try to make the world a better place through my photos. Thank you again 🙂

    • Clint…you are off to a wonderful beginning and you deserve this award. You have talent for capturing great detail in your photos. I hope you have lots of visitors come and see what good things you are doing! Keep up your good work! You are welcome!

    • Elizabeth,
      You are welcome! Your blog is great and very deserving of this award!

      I understand being behind! 😉 In fact, I got more awards today. (I think we were both named by the same person!) Thank you for your kind words too…

    • I find your blog very deserving and worthy of this award! I love visiting your blog, and just wish I had more time to do that! You are very welcome. And thank you for your kind words…!

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  7. Judy 🙂
    such a nice blog you have going and such great followers too 😀
    Nice nominations. congrats to you on that and also on the awards 🙂
    Point 6, 7, & 10 I absolutely like and I can relate to. love detail. love diversity and love peace. 🙂

    Point 5 – I have no clue what that means 😀

    Wish you many more awards

    • Thank you again, Amira! Zentangle is sort of like “doodling”, when we draw lines and swirls on our papers in a boring meeting or class!
      Here is the link: . It’s really fun, very relaxing too. You use a square of paper, about 3″x3″ and fill it with lines, circles, zig-zags, whatever. They show examples on the site. Teachers are using Zentangles with children as young as 5, only children use 5″x5″ paper squares. No artistic ability is needed. One line just follows the contour of the line before it!

      Thank you for all the awards you bestowed upon me! I am very humbled indeed! But I also feel honored in the most special way. Your line describing me was very touching and I feel the same. I treasure our friendship.

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  9. Judy,
    I can’t thank you enough for honoring me with a Kreative Blogger award! I am very flattered by your recognition as I always enjoy checking in on your blog!
    Thanks again!!

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