Old photos saved!

Hello blog readers….

I am truly happy tonight!  Some very special ten year old digital photos were able to be saved from loss and I now have them in this computer.

In 2002 I went to Italy with a brand new, credit-card sized Minolta DiMage Z digital camera.  I also took my old Nikon film camera.

In those days we had a PC computer, that died a horrible death….the hard drive blew up or something.  My photos were still in the PC computer but the question was: How do we get them out and into my Mac/iPhoto?  Well, the problem has been solved and my photos are safely in my Mac.  I feel as if I’ve been reunited with some old friends!

Now that I’m working with the photos, I noticed that the pixel size is 800 max.  Digital cameras have changed so much in ten years!  I plan to show some photos in the future, but I have one to share tonight.

I took this photo in Florence.  We  were in the process of climbing the 600 steps to the top of the Duomo of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.   “Basilica of Saint Mary the Flower” (the cathedral of Florence).  Along the stairway are a few windows, and I shot a couple photos through those windows.

I really like this photo because it captures part of the city and the countryside too.

Good night…


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32 thoughts on “Old photos saved!

  1. How nice to be reunited with your old treasures! The picture is lovely and captures all the charms, colors and light of Tuscany. Love it!

  2. I’m glad you were able to retrieve them. I’m sure there’s a load of gems such as this photo kept in that drive. I have an external drive for my laptop which suddenly refused to be open. I was about to give up but your story gave me hope. Thanks, Judy.

    • It took some work, some frustration and worry…but it came out fine! Don’t give up….and yes, there are more photos than Italy’s in there too! I’m glad I gave you some hope! Let me know how it turns out!

  3. waoo im happy that u some how get all those photographs out a ur pc drive 🙂
    congrats and now i can see more photographs by you, ayo now i dont need to visit all those places where u have been cox all i need is to visit ur blog and your photography will make me feel like im there physically 😉
    ayo dj photographer nice snap shot, y wont you play rihanna song ” photographs ” featuring williams 😀

    • Oh….okay. Well I do know who Rihanna is and I like the way she sings. But I don’t know that song. It would have been a good one for my post, eh? 😉

  4. OMG italy 🙂
    and that’s a nice photo.
    I know what you mean when you say
    “I feel as if I’ve been reunited with some old friends!”

    It sure makes me miserable when I lose my photos.
    I lost 100s of photos that I took in a visit to Sri Lanka in 2009 and also from another holiday visit to my husband’s home island in 2006. They meant quite a lot to me – for some ungodly reason I just lost them … Remember moving those from my camera memory card onto the computer and then later I could not find it …. I was heart broken 😆

    Anyways, as for the advancedment in digital cameras – it’s amazing. with the advancements – the file sizes has increased too. Some of my photo collections from 4 years back fits into a CD … everything from one or two years.
    But now it’s hard to even get one month’s photos onto one DVD. For one, the pixel size has increased and two, maybe I just take too many photos 😛

    I still cherish a floppy camera that I used 8 or 9 years ago. No more floppy readable computers around – but I just don’t have the heart to throw the thingy away 🙂

    thanks for the share Judy 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Amira. There are so many people in the same “boat”. And that’s what this old computer required to get the photos out: floppy disks. It wouldn’t take flash drives, CD’s, etc. We didn’t have any floppys and couldn’t find any to purchase! A friend gave some to us and that saved us. My husband loaded them into a friend’s PC, then emailed them to me. whew! Technology changes so fast!

  5. Yea! What an acheivement. I almost heard the cheer over here. Will be anxious to hear all about it tonight. A beautiful shot as I am sure the rest of them are. How precious are those memories and the ability to relieve them in our pics.

    • Thanks, Jud’! And there’s more than Italy in there…I held my breath, but all turned out well. See you tonight. Hope you are continuing to feel good.

    • My husband tells me now the PC I posted about did not completely die….but it had become seriously “ill”….he just hoped he could get the photos out. We had another PC (Dell) whose hard drive died and we cannot get those photos, although we may try going to a computer geek.
      Computers: it can be a love/hate relationship! 😉

  6. I thought that having HDD as contingency plan is already good enough. I learned the lesson, I bought HDD 300gb Iomega in Paris that cost me 65eu, but didn’t realize it was ‘made in china’. Nearly 5 months after the backup, the HDD crash! Almost half of the videos/pictures of my trip have ‘gone into space’. Anyway I’m not done with the retrieval yet , will give a try soon. Btw, I’m glad you manage to retrieved yours. happy ending indeed

    • Hi airsquadron, I’m so sorry. When we take photos, they are our memories of our trips and precious to us. To lose them is heartbreaking.
      I hope you can retrieve yours. My husband did correct me on my post. The PC I wrote about did not completely die, but it is seriously “ill”…seriously enough that he was unsure whether he could retrieve the photos. It has been a slow process. That computer only accepts floppy disks, and then he goes to another PC and emails them to my Mac. We have many more to go. But at least it looks like we’ll get them out. We have another PC (Dell), whose hard drive did die and we have photos stuck in there. We will have to see if a computer repair place can help us get those. I’ve heard from many people in the same “boat”. Good luck!

  7. Great that you have your photos back. We went to Italy in 2005 and only have printed photos (we did not use a digital camera). We wouldn’t have any photos if my darling Charlie would have listened to me. He bought himself some throw-away cameras and took lots of pictures which we are so happy to have. My only thing against having a camera on a trip is that I get tied up in photographing and forget to enjoy the moment. Now Charlie carries the camera and I say “OOO, get a picture of that, will you?” Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • I love it, Jo! You and Charlie make a great team. And now you have those nice photos to remember and post about! (and teach the rest of us about hinges) I know what you mean. I was always the last in our group….stopping to grab a snap of a great looking building, a statue, whatever…and then running to catch up. Inevitably, I’d miss what our guide had told the group. ;(

  8. I am a photography nut and have backups of my photos on CD, thumb drives and online as well as stuffed in albums, frames and photo boxes. Someday I may conquer this chaos:) I am glad you were able to save your photos.

    • You are right….backing them up is the first and foremost plan of action. Unfortunately back in ’02, we hadn’t done that and almost suffered the consequences. Since then, however we have backed up everything. I’m way behind on scrap booking, but times have changed too…with digital photos, I find that they stay in the computer and don’t get printed like my old film photos did!

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